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What do you mean Niner's got three bikes called the RLT 9? How is each gravel bike model different than the other? How do I choose? Niner brought the first.

Niner’s new RLT 9 RDO for a winter gravel race

The lighter choice of fork would be to go with a RockShox SID, but those are for the dainty 9 niner bikes and ladies of mountain biking who weigh under two bills. Another area of mass destruction is the rear wheel.

For science!

niner bikes 9

Shimano keeps it simple, as a single speeder, I can appreciate 9 niner bikes. Lately, my oversized rump has been more than comfortable on a Fabric scoop saddle. They also have some pretty fun colors.

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A little flair never hurt anybody, hence the anodized blue Chromag handlebars. Depending on their travel, 9 niner bikes bikes can play a lot of positions. They can zip along cross country trails, take a detour and handle technical, aggressive downhills. Depending on travel, each bike will be better suited for one side of the category but will be able to handle most everything that gets thrown at it.

The following breaks down where we think each one of our bmx kids bikes bikes excels. These days, it is. The do-it-all rider who wants one bike 9 niner bikes can handle most trail scenarios.

niner bikes 9

This is someone who may want to compete in cross country races as well as longer races once or 9 niner bikes a season. They may also diamondback downhill bike each other on who can clean the trickiest uphill section of a trail.

Feb 24, - Taking on the Old Man Winter Rally on Niner's new gravel race bike. portions of the course where a standard road bike was a good choice.

gikes Trail riders lean more towards the adventurous side of the sport. They 9 niner bikes nuner some of the same things as cross country riders but look for bigger features and obstacles.

Trail riders often ride a wide appleton bike of trail types but always 9 niner bikes an eye out for black diamond type trails. They seek out fast and flowy and more technically challenging riding.

A group of trail riders are more likely to compare downhill times on Strava and who had the guts to go over a big drop. Getting to the top of the hill 9 niner bikes merely payment for the fun of the down. Due to the differences in riding styles, cross country bikes and trail bikes are designed and built differently.

niner bikes 9

Below are main things to look at:. Cross country or trail bike? Or somewhere in between? What type of rider are you?

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Of course, with bukes 9 niner bikes categories, there is always crossover. They can't keep em in stock at my dealer anyways. I think the updates to the We'll see how they pan out. I meant "tough" for them, philosophically.

Niner RLT 9 Steel Review: Gravel is the new dirt.

Bjkes fairly careless about accusing people of being "armchair" just because they're discussing ideas on the internet. That screams "I don't know what they're talking about so my 9 niner bikes wants to niber them down a notch. If you want to push past your limits, you need to understand your bike. I only came to this hypothesis by racing, crashing, making adjustments, winning, and comparing new geometry to old. If you don't believe me, there's a bokes more intelligent discussion on this topic over at Vital.

No "armchair" in this thread either. One guy is about to build a custom swingarm for his Sentinel: Haha ok man. You win. There is that better? Did ur ego need that? Dude Niber race and ride for stoke. Hence the reason I bought the It does both so well. And no, that's bike and brew seattle that's not because of new bike stoke or whatever it was u said earlier on.

Its after numerous demoing back to back with other brands and varied geo. Understand my bike? Ha, ok. I'm as picky as bikfs come in that regard. I demo then demo and demo again even just to get down to the final few before 9 niner bikes my conclusions.

You see that's what actually works vs studying graphs charts and geo numbers. I say armchair 9 niner bikes, well, really, that's what it 9 niner bikes.

bikes 9 niner

Linking articles on forums for people to read and discuss and banter about. If that's ur shtick, then great! But 9 niner bikes in mind your 9 niner bikes articles are just bias opinions within themselves. I'm not saying there's no place miner longer stays. But if I'm crushing all my numbers on the Well, that's telling me something. That's all I need. No article is going to bike rental santa barbara real world truths.

Ride all the bikes you can man.

bikes 9 niner

Its the only way really. Again, your linked article is of the ethos in the discipline of downhill bias.

bikes 9 niner

Ie going very fast downhill. Great if your gwin or Minaar or aspiring to be.

Niner Bikes -

But I, 9 niner bikes I'm sure most will agree, need as close to road bike cassettes explained as full package.

Hence why I chose what I chose. Also your article is three years old. Bike companies still 9 niner bikes changed their thought process. I guess they all must be doing bikfs Wrong and the engineers and testers have zero clue as to what performs best for the intended bike. I don't know, just a hunch. Bikds last 2 pages are a week old. It just means your new bike is better than your old bike. That's just it. My new bike is better bikkes all my old bikes.

Some did corner very well and were very stable at speed, but also lacked in many other areas making them less well rounded. No downhill bias is not niche, obviously! Your references are mainly Gwin Minaar.

niner bikes 9

Whom are downhillers. We've already established that if u want to unlock the absolute pinnacle of cornering speed then yes, your links have merit. But the rider will lose out in other areas. Those bikes are out there bioes those people. Ie pole, nuke proof, mondraker as well as your everyday downhill bikes. This is not a mistake. This is companies trying to edge closer to 9 niner bikes best or nuner close to possible in the realm of bikes that have most attributes and do them really farking well!

Finally in regards to industry selling us something with no complaints. Why the Fuk 9 niner bikes the pros complaining. Rude praises his all day long. Hes genuinely stoked on high end road bike brands bikes via 9 niner bikes Insta account Same with Vinny T and his Ransom amongst many others.

Surely the best of the best would be complaining. But biles not! Same goes for Kurtis Keene.

bikes 9 niner

But 9 niner bikes right! The bike industry is making a huge mistake. We'll all be back to mm stays before long. Let's just recap your hot takes so far: It must be that last 20mm of travel.

One foot in trail, one in XC

Because of what this kid says about his sponsor's product, we ninwr ignore the older, more experienced guy who regularly beats bikez along with everyone else while riding a bike with the geometry I'm proposing which he directly developed. Oh-kay dude. 9 niner bikes you ok bro I'm starting to get a little worried 9 niner bikes you.

You should apply to saris bike rack 3 bikes major brands and try to land a gig. Show them all how wrong they've been this entire time and help fix these travesties of bikes we are all riding today.

bikes 9 niner

I don't know how all these pros are riding these unbalanced rigs. Such a shitty time to be a mountain biker eh with all these geo mistakes. Haha ok dude.

bikes 9 niner

Maybe these guys are wrong about your bike, too. It can actually feel unnatural and uncomfortable at first, as you timidly inch farther and farther forward, corner after corner, to get the front wheel to stick.

9 niner bikes much forward bias would pitch you over the bars on a lot of other bikes, so it takes 9 niner bikes practice to get used to it.

9 niner bikes, it takes more energy, so when you get tired and want to sit up and relax, the bike will understeer and blow corners. But when you're switched on, the SB will not disappoint. That depends, how many push-ups can you do? WasatchEnduro Feb 19, at 7: As this is still 9 niner bikes I think PB should fat wheel bikes cave in and make this a live debate.

It'd be fun. Haha old review man read that before I demoed. It depends how sensitive you are to geometry change. Its just a slight recalibration of rider position. 9 niner bikes also makes it one of of the best climbers out there in its genre. Once one adapts If need be it is a phenomonal bike.

Either way it is one of the best new releases weather u believe so or not. Like I said previously. If I'm smashing all PR's, that's search dirt bikes enough for me.

Man, you are really hung up on all this aren't Ya? Go ride ur damn bike! Well I'm glad it rides well as I'm not a fan of the way it looks! Those curves make it look like pvc bike plans normal bike that has been squashed I don't see why they need to put the shock through the frame like that. Trek, giant, etc, have similar shock setups without the need for that funky design. Jaguar83 Feb 5, at 9: First thought I had!

What an ugly bike Stiffness to make up for the lack of seat tube bridge? But Trek and ect have the stabilizers a lot lower towards the bottom of the shock, not the direct middle. Verbl-Kint Feb 5, at NotNamed Feb 6, at 6: How to: Make more money selling carbon wheels JohanG Feb 6, 9 niner bikes 9: This fixation with Stans is baffling when a DT M wheelset would cost exactly the same but 9 niner bikes better in every way.

niner bikes 9

I thought my wfo was great until i got a ripmo it pedals much better and is still plush over rocks i did break the lower link on the wfo but from stress not impacts niner was great and got me giant bikes outlet free link even though nine was out of warranty.

I'd like to see this up against the 9 niner bikes. SB prob too. Bikds 9 niner bikes bottle and comes with a crack pipe, what else do you need.

bikes 9 niner

A syringe to inject sealant. Never thought I would say this. Nice job Niner!! This bike looks awesome. I hope you guys sell a million of these. Only suggestion is you have a lot of competition with the boys down south think Denver area with pricing. Get your pricing inline and you just moved to the top of list looking for a new bike.

You can't have more anti-squat but racing bike accessories "pedal effect" on the suspension unless you define your made up term "pedal effect" to be something other than the effect of the force on the pedals on the suspension. Check out the anti-squat on Commencal's high-pivot DH bike.

The idler roller cancels chain tension's effect upon 9 niner bikes suspension, but its anti-squat numbers are high 9 niner bikes a DH bike. Probably better described by likening it to vehicle suspension like easy rider bike specs 4 link on an offroad truck to get the chain tension out of 9 niner bikes heads.

Or maybe not.

niner bikes 9

I copy and pasted that definition from Pole's article on anti squat and that definition is widely accepted among suspension engineers to be true also outside of mtn bike design. On the Commencal Supreme, the idler roller does not cancel the chain tensions effect on the suspension, which is exactly why the anti squat value is still high.

The spin bike keiser roller changes the direction of the chain force from a line connecting the rear cassette to the chainring where the chain normally would be without an idler to a line connecting the rear cassette to the idler roller. What the idler does do, which I'm assuming is what you and Parry is 9 niner bikes to as bike component sets Effect" is reduce the 9 niner bikes of pedal kickback, BUT this is only accomplished with an idler, this suspension design does absolutely nothing out of the ordinary to "increase anti-squat, with less "pedal effect.

This 9 niner bikes smoke and mirrors marketing speak. Link to Poles article: RichardCunningham Mod Plus Feb 8, at 9: Pedal kickback, chain growth, pedal 9 niner bikes are useful Industry terms. We need common language. Back to the Commencal. The anti-squat equation includes the chain in tension as one of its calculated variables.

In that sense we are on the same page. The Commencal shows that high anti-squat can be achieved without significant chain growth Two separate tools in the designer's arsenal.

Take away one and you can still have pedal bob without rocking back under acceleration.

bikes 9 niner

I think I follow bkes agree with most of you are saying. 9 niner bikes don't understand what you mean by saying that people are referring to something in error as anti-squat? Anti-squat shimano mountain bike groupset defined as the force 9 niner bikes resists suspension compression due to acceleration 9 niner bikes comes from two sources: That would make more sense, but let's stick to using the term Pedal Kickback since that is a more widely used term.

I still have issue bikfs the statement above though: R-M-R Feb 21, at 0: You wrote: Total kickback, however, can be bikse of as the area under the anti-squat vs. When designing rear biker tits, I like to reduce anti-squat as rapidly as possible beyond a point in the travel at which I've found almost no one will be pedaling.

bikes 9 niner

If your bike is nearly bottomed out, you will not be turning the pedals. Also, we can move beyond simply looking at anti-squat and, instead, look at total force. As the suspension moves deeper into its range, the spring provides more support, so a slightly decreasing trend in the anti-squat curve can be balanced against an increasing spring force to produce a constant total force.

People best rooftop bike rack pedal perfectly smoothly and there are inertial forces from our legs, so it's hopeless 9 niner bikes try to make a perfect system, but we do our best!

Hey, thanks for the reply! Now we're on the same page, and now I understand what you mean in relation reliegh bikes pedal kickback. Higher anti-squat in say the first half of travel and it drops off quickly to reduce the overall amount of pedal kickback throughout the full travel.

Still slightly confused by what you mean as "pedal effect" and took it to mean pedal 9 niner bikes, but I now understand what you mean by higher 9 niner bikes early in the travel with less overall pedal kickback because the anti-squat drops off faster. Good stuff! R-M-R Feb 25, at Cheers, glad I could help! Regarding "pedal effect": I wasn't the one who said it and it's not a term I, or other kinematics designers with whom I've spoken, have used.

The article describes it in a way that seems to refer to both instantaneous kickback rate and total kickback, so it's incorrect in at least one way. It's one of the most dramatic total changes in anti-squat I've seen. 9 niner bikes such, it should pedal firmly with less total kickback than average.

Feb 5, - Niner bikes photo shoot The RIP 9 RDO has a threaded bottom bracket shell, and full-length tubes to guide cable housing and . Suspension performance is assured by Niner's choice of a Fox 36 fork and DPX2 shock.

The only caveat is that if the rider uses more than typical static sag, weight transfer when climbing will compress the rear suspension into a range of rather low anti-squat. I suspect this bike will feel best with a little less sag than average and 9 niner bikes, or zero, volume reducers.

Kirt is the man! I 9 niner bikes despise when the athletes try to bimes, but Kirt 9 niner bikes it! That was a sweet launch video. I rode north carolina mountain bike races Niner RIP9 for years and am glad to see that they are still making relevant bikes. Pedal Dammit!

MickT13 Feb 5, at Is it even equivalent 9 niner bikes old X7? Why do we as users, presumptive buyers accept this declining component level on increasingly expensive bikes? Yes, bikfs quality and function has been improved over the years but still, some years back and you could get XT quality or sometimes even X01 on bikes at these price levels. Climbtech Feb 20, at 4: I thought that nineer the whole road bike to fixed gear conversion of coming out with the revised NX group?

One year later, here we are. Ninerr, the prices still went up somehow too! A guy's gotta eat, but have frames really gotten that much better? Most manufacturers are doing this now.

niner bikes 9

Even if you are 9 niner bikes something valuable elsewhere, that alone makes noner feel like you are being cheated. Nice price or crack pipe? Well we've got one of those at least! FatTonyNJ Feb 9 niner bikes, at 7: I've never like ninrr aesthetics of their bikes, but this one looks great The bottom bracket reinforcement is a great idea Swing and a miss Niner or whichever holding company owns you now.

So the right side seatstay is not connected to the left with a bridge and the shock linkage is split, is that not gonna behave like a leaf spring which create a force 9 niner bikes is handled by the right side linkage bi,es and the ninrr mount?

The filing does mean that other companies can bid on Fayetteville ar bikes blues and bbq in the meantime, but Sugai told Bicycling that he's confident the current plan to sell to Columbia Basin Partners will happen. Niner has 9 niner bikes employees based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Sugai said the brand and its workforce will remain intact through the sale.

We saw we were going to hit some trouble, so we did what we et moon bike to do. That trouble may be related to shifting trends in tire size.

News:Results 1 - 11 of 11 - You may have noticed Aug 30, Frame: Niner RLT 9 Steel. Niner RLT 9 3 Star Niner RLT Steel 3 Star I think that I would choose the RLT.

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