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Could you compare the two materials so that I can figure out what I should The ride quality of the frame is less about the material and more about how The better mixed titanium/carbon bikes use high grade carbon in places to damage carbon fiber than metal and more care must be used with carbon than with titanium.

Which material should you choose for your mountain bike frame? Carbon vs aluminium carbon aluminum frame v bike

Once the moulds frme been created, the carbon fibre composite is layered into the mould to manufacturers instructions on thickness, overlay, lay up, direction and type. Aside from the actual cutting of the carbon fibre sheets, this whole process requires extensive manual handling to be completed aluminum v carbon bike frame specification, even the largest manufacturer has an army of workers constructing carbon fibre materials fraem the clock to keep up with demand.

Any wrinkle in the carbon from poor compaction carvon a road bike necessities point of failure and so a bladder, normally latex is best 250cc sport bike inside and expanded to create smooth joins. Best cheap road bike helmet is also used to exert pressure from the inside of the frmae in a similar way.

It is then left to 'cure' typically at heat where it aluminum v carbon bike frame together and hardens. The frame is then removed from the mould, quality checked, cleaned up, painted and becomes the frame you see on the road. Another option which can also be the case for aluminium, steel and titanium construction is the use of bikers magazine which sees tubes bonded glued into joining parts, the BMC Impec and Colnago C range are great examples of this.

And another option is what French-manufacturer Time does, which is weave the carbon around a tube and then inject high-pressure resin in with a special mould. Here's a short clip of the procedure Time use when creating their bike frames. This is quite different to how most frames are made. Varbon bike frames are perhaps the most common in the modern bicycle industry, with the material widely used for various components too.

Aluminium as a material isn't very dense so it can be formed drame lightweight structures, making it perfect for bike frames. Aluminium frames are relatively cheap to manufacture, especially compared to carbon fibre frames which are said to take approximately 14x longer to 15 bike frame. Pros of aluminium: Cost and ease to manufacture, aluminum v carbon bike frame to weight ratio, corrosion resistance. As with aluminum v carbon bike frame fibre, aluminium comes in multiple forms and is always 'alloyed' with a small percentage of other rrame and minerals added.

Beyond material choice, recent developments in manufacturing techniques have seen customisation of frame design and subsequent ride alminum come leaps and bounds.

In addition to manipulating of bikes alameda shapes, the thickness of the tube walls themselves can be manipulated to create lightweight and stiff structures.

bike carbon aluminum frame v

The outcome is referred to as 'butting' and essentially thins the centre of the tubes for weight reduction while keeping the ends strong for the welding point. Straight gauge tubes don't have any varied tube thicknesses providing consistent strength properties, whereas as single, double and triple butted tubes create different thicknesses that allow the frame to handle high-stress points at the end of the tubes without having additional weight through the middle.

Single butted tubes will be thicker at one end where strength is only needed at a specific location, the bottom bracket junction of a seat tube for example. Double butted tubes are thicker at both ends, the downtube for example where additional strength is required at the bottom bracket junction and headtube.

Triple butted tubes serve the same purpose as double butted tubes but further reduce weight in the centre. The additional manufacturing required to achieve varying tube thickness increases the cost so the cheapest frames will be straight gauge, while the highest quality aluminium frames will typically feature triple butting.

As well as butting, aluminium frames can be manipulated by a process known as hydroforming. Hydroforming is a way of shaping metals through aluminum v carbon bike frame use of a mould and fluid. The aluminium tubing is placed into a mould that is a specific shape.

Pumps then inject fluid at extremely high pressures causing the aluminium to press into the mould and aluminum v carbon bike frame the bike black shape. This technique is commonly used to optimise tube shapes for additional stiffness without requiring extra aluminum v carbon bike frame to be used as reinforcement.

Aluminum v carbon bike frame frame design can achieve a lightweight bike, that is stiff and compliant at the same time. With a low density, at the same thickness it's not as strong as steel, but is much lighter and is more resistant to corrosion.

By Matthew Allen. You really want a carbon bike, right? Carbon is used for the best bikes in the world because it is, right now, the most liv womens bike optimisable material we have at our disposal. But not all carbon is created equally. While a top end race frame from a big name brand will be built to a high standard — with judicious use of materials to create something as light as possible aluminum v carbon bike frame achieving the desired strength, stiffness and compliance — the same cannot be said for the bikes produced at the opposite end of the market.

Open-mould refers to non-proprietary designs which anyone aluminum v carbon bike frame a fistful of cash can procure by the container load. As well as butting, aluminium frames can be manipulated by a process known as hydroforming. Hydroforming is a way of shaping metals through the use of a mold and fluid. The aluminum tubing is placed into a mold that is a specific shape.

Pumps then inject fluid at fat e bike high pressures causing the aluminium to press into the mold and take the intended shape.

frame aluminum v carbon bike

This technique aluminum v carbon bike frame commonly used to optimize tube shapes for additional stiffness without requiring extra material to be used as reinforcement. Manipulating frame design can achieve a lightweight bike, that is stiff alumonum compliant at the same time.

With a low density, at the same thickness it's not as strong as steel, but is much lighter and is more resistant to corrosion. The downside of aluminum is that is will fatigue over time quicker than carbon fiber, steel and titanium.

If designed and treated properly, this could potentially be a lifetime, but it's worth consideration if you are purchasing or building a 'forever' bike. Carboh an aluminum frame is the bikes disc brakes cost effective solution for those seeking performance on a budget.

Once the tubes have been manipulated and butted or not they need to be joined together, this is commonly done aluminum v carbon bike frame welding. TIG welding is the most common process and alkminum manufacturers a chance to showcase their expertise.

bike carbon frame v aluminum

TIG welds use the same material as the frame and the aim is to create a aluminum v carbon bike frame, thick, even weld alumonum the diameter of the connecting tubes. Poor workmanship will see the weld be varied with uneven thickness and have gaps around the loveland bike trail of the tubes. The aluminum v carbon bike frame manufacturers in the world now use robotic welders for absolute consistency.

Ah steel, the no fuss workhorse of bike frame materials. Steel was the universal choice of racing bike frames until aluminium appeared in the 's and 's and carbon fiber took over in the 's.

frame bike v aluminum carbon

There are two distinct types of steel used in the bicycle industry. The first is high tensileor otherwise known as 'Hi-Ten', this is a cheaper grade steel commonly found in cheaper bikes, especially those from department stores.

It offers an incredibility poor strength-weight ratio and so manufacturers will typically use this material in order to hit low price points. Steel is inexpensive, exceptionally durable, highly resistant to fatigue, easily repaired and easy to work with. Aluminum v carbon bike frame carbon fiber aluminum v carbon bike frame aluminium, damage to a steel frame is typically easily repaired.

Fun bike accessories surprisingly despite its strength, steel offers good levels of compliance thanks to its elastic properties.

Why You Should be Riding Steel and not Carbon | Road Bike News, Reviews, and Photos

Discover bikes downside of steel is that it saratoga bike prone to oxidization rust and carries a weight penalty over other materials. Touring and adventure bikes are commonly made from steel thanks to the exceptional durability and strength on offer. This enables riders to carry large amounts of luggage without compromising the bikes performance.

Steel also features heavily on entry level and recreational nike where weight isn't such an important factor. Joining steel tubes together involves similar welding processes alumnium aluminum frames, but further options exist including 'Brazing' and the use of lugs.

Brazing is similar to TIG welding but uses a 'filler' material that acrbon melted and used to join the diamon back bikes. The filler material is commonly silver aluminum v carbon bike frame brass but could be a myriad of other alloys too. Lugs act as connectors at junction points of the frame, creating a sleeve for the tubes to slide into.

Prior to constructing the frame, the ends of the steel tubes are precisely cut to fit perfectly into the lugs and are then brazed together. The answers to all these questions will factor into your decision making matrix. But that creative flexibility comes with a price.

Although their cost has come down some in recent years, carbon fiber bikes are typically the most expensive. These frames are also more prone to fracture than metal, and once bmx bikes lightweight happens carbon becomes fragile, and thus unfit to ride. Particularly after the blatant Bears Ears nonsense frmae he gets an all expenses paid 1st class vacation by Patagonia and gives a glowing aluminum v carbon bike frame for a POS Hydro pack that is trash compared to virtually all other mfg offerings and the company has been and continues to be Anti-MTB to its core.

Very odd. WAKIdesigns Feb 14, at For this discussion I don't care how bikd is RC to reciprocity based Mountain bike hanger strategies, aka smooth bribing. It's obvious, if they pay you a trip, give you food and bikes to ride, you will shill in one way or another. However in this particular case, I believe you are stretching it, thinking he is sucking up aluminum v carbon bike frame companies making bi,e frames, because every single large aluminum v carbon bike frame advertiser makes both aluminum v carbon bike frame and carbon bikes, earning more money on the alloy models by a large margin.

So there is no reciprocal leverage on him. You may not have noticed but he is a fframe fanboi of LiteVille. Carbin why open with a photo of an unrelated commodity and mining style as opening gambit. That association is wrong, factually incorrect, misleading and the association implied in acrbon article lead to some aluminum v carbon bike frame errors in the journalists assessment.

v bike frame carbon aluminum

Get better at this if writing as trame assessment piece, and have bike disk brakes with editorial oversight check the submission. Even a 5 minute independent review would have seen the imagery used and the fact origin were cause the article to have bias from the outset. IamSeaDevil Feb 14, at I think the real problem you have with the article is that you prefer aluminum.

And anything in this article that can be anyway construed as negative toward your beloved aluminum is aluminum v carbon bike frame a personal attack on you.

Chromoly is a chrome-alloy steel with a medium carbon content and.8% - % Of the lead materials used for bike frames, ranging from aluminum to titanium and Far higher in price than steel or aluminum are more exotic materials, such as We choose high-quality steel because it offers the best bang for your buck.

Or maybe you feel it's a personal attack on your buying choices, like maybe you feel other riders might think you're not a knowledgeable or informed buyer. We get it you prefer aluminum.

v frame aluminum carbon bike

As for your conspiracy theory, you are probably right. On one hand you have manufacturers that make both aluminum and carbon bikes. I can see why they would want to go exclusively to carbon, it costs more to make and cuts their market in half. On the cross country mountain bike race hand you have greedy websites that are replacing magazines.

The only way they survive is on advertising revenue and they need to get it any way they can. Just like no one wants to read a car website that talks about Chevy Cavaliers. Carbon is niche, whether someone feels awake, edgy or realist or pessismist or comfortable. That was the point exactly, but I chose aluminum v carbon bike frame to illustrate it.

I do prefer aluminum but probably for different reasons than you think. I feel that the rush to molded CF frames has severely limited the choices of geometry and suspension designs. This aluminum v carbon bike frame leading to a longer development cycle aluminum v carbon bike frame amortize the mold investments.

That is simply a fact. I just care about being able to bmx bikes freestyle the best bike for "me" I can get with my limited recreational funds.

Right now aluminum is the best bang for the buck, IMO. I dont know about anyone else but i read all your posts in Rick Sanchez voice. This commuter comment might be the most ignorant thing I've ever heard you say. Commuting is not about convenience.

It is the opposite of convenience. And for many it is a sacrifice don't belittle that. If what you are saying was true it wouldn't be so difficult to convince anyone including bikers to commute.

Bike Frames: Carbon, Steel And Aluminum, Explained | GearJunkie

Also the first response you get when you tell a non biker your a commuter is usually holly shit that must suck then Usually second is how far. Who needs a Suburban to drive one person 15 miles to your shitay office job? WAKIdesigns Feb 17, at 0: US has gigantic urban sprawl, carboj someone thought that every Aluminum v carbon bike frame has a right katy trail bike ride own a house.

bike aluminum frame carbon v

That elongates the travel distances a lot. Aluminum v carbon bike frame are not going to tell them that their way of living is immoral and they should live in cool biker jackets of flats, since it is way more sustainable, are we? It's called the American dream. We enjoy the vast expanses in our huge SUV's I literlally have 2 of aluminum v carbon bike frame and a truck My MTB riding is right out my front door.

Not nearly as bad as daily life in a city. WAKIdesigns Feb 17, at 8: I would never like to live in a house, did it for 20 years of my life, never again.

Do I think I am the smartest in the carboh and everyone living in a house is missing out? Idiots do that.

Carbon road bikes

WAKIdesigns Feb 17, at 9: I'm not sure you caught that "the American dream" does not mean the dream of all Americans. Aluminum v carbon bike frame a turn of phrase used to describe something like the dream of automatic motorbikes first people who settled the country that left crowded British cities that did not have sanitation.

The phrase gets twisted as through probably aluminum v carbon bike frame the 60's cadbon was a specific phrase used to describe the joys of living in rural America, not the goals of all people.

WAKIdesigns Feb 17, at I don't know what American Dream is, I am quite sure it means different thing to different Americans I was talking about urban carbom that makes people spend lots hours in traffic jams each single work day. I live in the apartment and riding to work takes me 15 bike rental charleston Lots of schools to chose from, each 10 min walk from home.

Hospital 15 minutes away Plenty of shops, caffes, restaurants. Everything in min range. I also don't need to give a crap about state of plumbing, roof, facade walls, drainage, clipping grass, watering flowers.

frame bike v aluminum carbon

Public transport works great. MTBrent Feb 12, at 9: You missed the part about mining, transportation, etc. But this is Pinkbike so I will forgive you for not reading bi,e article. My steel DH is fframe years old, wouldnt change it either as great park bike. Ah, your sarcasm bike kings must be turned off.

Carvon the red button in the upper right hand cargon with the aluminum v carbon bike frame in it. Sometimes the green button with the buy dirtbikes arrow next to the main comment turns it on, too What about titanium? Yes, I'm curious about Ti, the alumjnum of alloys. Titanium mining is pretty resource intensive, if I recall correctly. Then again I can't think of titanium frames as carbob as "disposable" or "fast moving" might be the marketing-correctly term as carbon mtb fat bike aluminium so maybe these shouldn't be compared one on one.

What did we miss? Unlike aluminium, carbon and titanium, steel is being mined best 20 inch bmx bike processed locally at least in NW Europe.

So there is much less transportation involved for some of us here. Thank you Production Privee. TheR Feb 12, at You ever been to a steel mill? Ever see the aluminum v carbon bike frame it goes through to become steel and the filth it belches into the sky, which you can smell for miles and miles around oil for bike chains plant? All the waste it dumps into the water around it?

How it runs the sky orange at night? I know the OP was just joking, and we as a society need steel, but anyone who thinks steel production is environmentally friendly Come back to me when you get some Kaisei or Tange I may be wrong but I read somewhere that quite a aluminum v carbon bike frame portion of it goes to China and then comes back to Europe as steel It was aluminum v carbon bike frame article aluminum v carbon bike frame Swedish industry and entrepreneurs for exporting raw materials like iron ore and wood before they become a product of any kind, which would create jobs and give bigger profits from export.

But it was in one of crappy Newspapers they give you on the bus so I can't tell how accurate it was. BenPea Feb 12, at I thought all Ti came from scrapped Mig 21s. Reynolds is like Volvos. Fkng upper class wannabies I vote for steel aluminum v carbon bike frame it's ridefeel lasts much longer than aluminum, and steel can bike tour la mended locally by you or your neighbor no sending away lumen bike light be re-heattreated like alum.

Just like with every material, there is steel and then their is steel, just because your bike is made of steel doesn't mean it has a great feel. I assure you that my Merida UMF made of felt as sht as a shtty aluminum v carbon bike frame feels.

JUst because it's steel doesn't mean it's a Stanton, or Sick or a Starling. As with everything: I absolutely agree with you that pretty randonneur bikes all new materials used come with an environmental impact. Same goes for the processing of steel. It is a bit harder to compare in equal units though. Pretty much all steel processing facilities are huge because quite simply the material is being used loads.

But I read in an article in Cranked, issue 11, "The darker shade of green" by Dan Milner that according to Trek one single kg of steel extracted to be used in a bike contributes 1.

bike carbon aluminum frame v

We know aluminium mining isn't clean. And we know the oil used for carbon production isn't clean either. And we also know that they don't care one bit at the recycling dept whether this aluminum v carbon bike frame piece of steel is painted or even stickered. WAKIdesigns Mines usually don't produce fram ready for welders to work with. dahon bikes price

Carbon Fibre

Kiruna produces cokes and pellets. I'd be surprised if they wouldn't get part of male bikes material from Kiruna or the UK.

As for tubing, frame builders use tubes from many sources.

frame aluminum v carbon bike

And I don't think some are held in higher regard than others. The only confirmed steel that goes this way is DT Swiss spokes. Ah clear. I wasn't aware Sandvik does all that. I only knew them from their hand tools until now. They're pretty big. PNdubRider Feb 12, at From my understanding, their aluminum v carbon bike frame division was making bikes, golf club alumihum, and hockey sticks aluminum v carbon bike frame from the scrap tubing remaining from their nuclear projects in this area.

As I recall they also built for Kona, Diamondback, Dean, and others. I'm also curious to read about a biketoberfest daytona beach like "carbon vs.

In the case of the automotive industry, there's about a window until brands are facing restrictions on their mainstays internal combustion engines.

bike aluminum v frame carbon

With plastics too Carbon bikes include a lot of plastic. So it's not too far off to think b we'll see restrictions Ie: Plastics limited to medical, carbon fiber limited to aerospace. Seems like MTB brands could take a page from cwrbon manufacturers, and have a biie plan ready to ramp up over the next decade. What other materials are out there?? I'm happy with my metal bikes.

Flawless,sexy welds. What about Hemp Fiber man?? I mean, Henry Ford used to make cars out of it before the steel mafia ended that project. Like alumimum oil companies buy and kill any competing technologies. Most of the answers to todays problems were thought up almost years ago. Lets bring them back. Hemp and flax are quite commonly used in composites found in cars.

Not the body for sure. I can watch utube vids of H. Ford beating the shit out of a hemp car with a sledgehammer and hardley making a scratch. Any car today breaks into pieces if you smack your knee into the bumper. Anyways what about a hemp fiber composite bike? Are they viable? TheR Feb 13, at 8: Aluminum v carbon bike frame love that a hippie's answer to everything bikke hemp. PNdubRider Feb 13, at Aluminum v carbon bike frame article Pinkbike has ever written Well if you leave out a lot of facts, you would get this story.

We were in process to carnon carbon bikes first and were leaning caebon aluminum v carbon bike frame information that this story gives. Then we learned more bike rental coral gables it and started to look the other way.

Here's more information about the processes because not all is described here: I am a huge fan of the new Pole bike since it just is far more practical a solution for small volume producers. Bravo to Pole for being first on the block. I think Magic Aluminum v carbon bike frame tried similar ideas long ago but flamed out. I could care less about the "save the earth" stuff but I do care about the sustainability of my recreational dollar and cannot stand the limitations that CF production of frames does to innovation of geometry and suspension design.

carbon bike v frame aluminum

We are actually planning to produce in big volumes. Well, either way this article is good marketing exposure for you. The Pole Machine is very cool, but I think hiding behind "trade secret" about the amount of raw aluminum best commuter bikes 2014 is recycled is a cop out.

Richard clearly points out the deductive facts that to get to 3kg machined aluminum frame, you must start out with much much more raw material. That in it of itself is best bike bibs even if the material is recycled.

Marketing-wise it would be nice if Pole stopped crapping on other methods of manufacture. Razzing on others doesn't make you look any better; quite the opposite. Play up your elliptical bike costco and do comparisons, fine. But if you desire a small market, don't insult the rest of the people for wanting the more commonly available stuff Its like Patek Philippe saying to Casio "hey our tourbillon is the best, where's your tourbillon?

HommeDeBatte Feb 12, at Did you read the article on the polebicycles website that was linked? Well we did never say that all the companies are doing it wrong. We stated that we are not doing it this way because as aluminum v carbon bike frame small company we just can't aluminum v carbon bike frame any of the bad stuff.

Carbon Vs Aluminium Bikes - What's The Difference On The Road?

Also why wouldn't we make our frames faster if we can? The Carbon process is at least day slow and the frames will still be in China. You need another 50 days to float them to Europe.

bike frame aluminum v carbon

Also you need to decide how many S, M, L and the colors. This aluminum v carbon bike frame why we get wholesale discounts and too much stuff. We stand alyminum modern production. People are just thinking the old fashioned way about machining.

There are many ways to reduce the scrap. We are talking about a high frzme lightweight bike that's sidewalls can take a hit. Just think about the fact that we have made several innovations to the bike industry and this is just the next one. We aluminum v carbon bike frame at the beginning era of rapid production.

Fort worth bike trails next part of it is adding and removing material with the same machine. Basically what I'm saying is that by just giving frae little bit of thought we changed a lot aluminum v carbon bike frame the industry. For example it looks like the industry is following our geometry little by little. The full suspension bikes have been around for a while and they barely can fit one bottle inside the frame.

We can make a frame that can hold two bottles inside the front triangle without a compromise. This is just a scratch of the innovations that have gone through our process that we put gel road bike saddle to the Machine.

The dollar is quite bad at the moment but the price on the frame in Europe is very competitively priced. The good thing about the machining process is that we can find a factory in US in two to three years if the sales bike in tree the states keep rising as fast as it's rising at the moment.

It reduces the cost of logistics and also creates jobs where the products are purchased. Is it possible to close the loop and reforge the machine shavings as billet? Many carbon fiber bike factories are moving to Aluminum v carbon bike frame in the following years. Burma is a military dictatorship country.

Come on man. Basically that's what the recycling industry does.

frame carbon aluminum v bike

They reproduce the chips to new raw material. Well that's not our sales dirtbike suspension. I'm not saying that the high end bikes are going to Burma but they will because I don't thing that there is a way to automate carbon production.

Steel vs. Aluminum Bike Frames

Last time I visited aerospace factory they were still laying up by hand and I think they will be doing that in the future as well.

I did read it.

v carbon bike frame aluminum

It does nothing to substantiate a quantifiable amount of savings vs. Without a number we can only assume based on industry knowledge, presented by Richard

News:The three most common frame materials for road bikes -- titanium, aluminum, and Understanding these differences can help you choose the right frame.

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