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Jun 23, - Is your bike chain loose? Is it coming undone while you ride? Check your chain out. It should be tight enough that it only allows you to move it.

DIY - Motorcycle Chain Tension Adjustment & Rear Wheel Alignment

The rear sprocket is usually first to go, but sometimes not by much.

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The easiest tell-tale is on the tips of the sprocket teeth. There should be a discernible flat on them.

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If any are worn to a point, the sprocket is well past it and needs replacing. Other signs are teeth worn into hook shapes or rounded off. If the rear sprocket does need replacing bike chain tension adjustment off the front sprocket cover and inspect it too. If it passes those tests, the process is then the same as checking chain tension, only you must do it over the whole length of the chain.

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This needs rotating the rear wheel, so a paddock stand is the best option. You can use a centre stand but the actual tdnsion measurement might not be wholly accurate.

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Mark where you started with a blob of white-out or grease on the side plate. If the slack measurements vary by more than 10mm the chain needs replacing. Make sure the sprockets are good before doing so.

The right upgrades can transform how your motorcycle rides.

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Skip to main content. Cleaning the chain Clean the chain and rear sprocket every 1, to 1,km using a chain cleaning spray and a stiff nylon brush. Special Offers. New Accessories. View All Accessories.

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chain adjustment bike tension

Portable Power. Service Parts.

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Avalanche Safety. Suspension Upgrade Kits.

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Protective Gear. View All Apparel. TEK Vest.

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How to stay focused Rider skills: Why do I get my corner speeds all wrong? Why do I keep running wide?

chain adjustment bike tension

Riding skills: Why can riding in groups be so dangerous? How to bike chain tension adjustment your overtaking Rider skills: Improve your steering Rider skills: Motorcycle refresher course Rider skills: How to improve your overtakes and cornering Als bikes skills: First, loosen the axle nuts.

Then turn the tension adjusters to change the chain tension and align the wheel in the frame.

chain adjustment bike tension

When the correct chain tension is achieved, tighten the axle nuts. Chain tensioner.

adjustment bike chain tension

Identify tehsion expander bolt on the bottom bracket eccentric Figure 6. Loosen this bolt several turns bike chain tension adjustment the eccentric can be rotated. Place an allen wrench in one of the eccentric rotator holes and rotate the eccentric until the desired chain tension is achieved.

How to Adjust a Front Derailleur

Retighten the expander bolt to the torque specifications. Bottom bracket chain adjuster.

adjustment tension bike chain

Once a month clean and oil the chain. When lubricating or cleaning your chain, always place a rag behind the adjstment to avoid getting oil on the rest of the bicycle. Use a synthetic chain oil or similar lubrication.

News:On a derailleur bike a spring loaded arm holds the chain in tension. If the bike has a fixed gear pick it.

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