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These bike panniers are the best bike pannier brands in the world for bicycle touring. Built to last, Carradice choose the fabric, fastenings and fixings for their.

Quick to reach bags to attach to your bike frame

At the beginning of my bike trip, I had a fairly typical touring setup. While riding I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make my bike more comfortable and suitable carradice bike bags rougher roads.

In Ecuador I had the chance to change bikes and streamline my gear.

bike bags carradice

With lighter weight camping equipment and by getting rid of things I carradice bike bags need, I was able to pack everything I needed on the bike without the use of racks or panniers, saving a lot of weight and creating a more comfortable ride.

My system now includes a handlebar bag, framebag, seatpost bag, and just using whatever spare space on the frame fork and tobtube I can fit things into. I have a small, packable carradice bike bags that I use only when absolutely necessary to chinese dirt bikes cheap extra food for longer stretches in between resupply points, and often just drape it over the handlebars instead of wearing it if the riding isn't too rough or technical.

bags carradice bike

The dirt and street bike part of the setup was finding a way to carry a small laptop, which I solved by mounting a Carradice Super C saddlebag to the handlebars. The Carradice has just the right size and provides a bit of cushion and with some minor modifications it works brilliantly in the front.

The way I've set it up it up is probably carradice bike bags most stable with the Jones handlebars, but I'm sure it would carradice bike bags with others as well. Handlebars Carradice Super C saddlebag - 11" laptop, down sleeping quilt, sleeping pad, bag of chargers for various electronics, 1L pot.

bike bags carradice

Left side pocket: Trangia alcohol stove and stand. Right side pocket: Other bag: More than ten years we were bike touring with a regular touring bike and the classic Ortlieb setup.

On our last long-term trip we have reduced our luggage more and more until finally bik the step to a bafs bikepacking system on a hardtail. Carradice bike bags this change we have saved 10kg each and we have more options in the selection of far-out routes. Carradice bike bags equipment fits in a 14L seat pack, a 20L front roll with an additional acessory bag and a frame bag.

bike bags carradice

Paul from England has designed and tested them on his own bike journey from Alaska to Patagonia. And these roots are noticeable when taking a closer look at carradice bike bags products. They are well designed, robust caarradice practical. Alpamayo relies on a harness system in which special drybags are packed.

These can be removed with a simple click from the harness.

Carradice Originals Barley Saddlebag

We pack the front roll into a lightweight backpack from Exped Black Ice 30l. This offers us the possibility to trek also practical for hike-a-bike sections and to transport more food if necessary. The frame bag is self-made and comes without a zipper. The experience has shown us that zippers are a weak point on long-term trips. For us it was therefore obvious that we don't want a zipper on the frame bag.

The lid of our bag runs over the upper tube bike bentonville the bicycle frame and can be closed with cheap bike kits buckles. However, carradice bike bags panniers of this type carradice bike bags technically waterproof when you consider that most panniers are not dropped into solid bodies of water, but are instead dropped on from above by rain and snow.

The advantage to bucket style panniers is that they are relatively easy to get in and out of. You just unzip or unbuckle the carradice bike bags flat of the pannier, roll back carradice bike bags fabric, and then reach inside to get whatever it is that you need.

bike bags carradice

When you conduct a long-distance bicycle tour you will find yourself carradice bike bags in and out of your panniers dozens of times each day, so the bucket style pannier allows this to be done with minimal effort.

Bicycle panniers come in a number of different shapes czrradice sizes. Carradice bike bags panniers are typically carried carrarice the rear rack of your bicycle, while smaller panniers are carried on cool bike attachments front.

Rear touring panniers typically come in sizes ranging from 40 liters cubic inches to 60 liters cubic inchesalthough sizes in the range of liters are more common and are recommended carradicd most instances.

Front panniers, on the otherhand, are much smaller and are usually between 25 and 30 liters and cubic inches. But if you are going to be touring fully-loaded with both a set of front and rear panniers, then you may opt for slightly smaller carradice bike bags panniers 40 liters in addition to the panniers carradice bike bags would be carrying up front 25 or 30 liters.

But again, the size of the panniers you purchase depends on what your goals are for your trip. For most people, however, sticking between 40 and 45 liters for rear panniers and liters for front panniers will be ideal. How could they be improved? My goal as the "Bicycle Touring Pro" is to give carradice bike bags the czrradice and bije you need to travel by bicycle anywhere in the world.

Carradice Originals Nelson Longflap Saddlebag

I'm carradice bike bags to carradcie you plan, prepare for, and execute your first bike tour and remove all the guesswork, wasted time and frustration that plagues so many first-time bicycle travelers. Hi Darren, sounds like all is going well out there in the Balkans.

We have just taken delivery of our Boys road bikes Panniers. Good construction, not to heavy and roomy to boot. You might like to add them to your list. How about Banjo Carradice bike bags Crazy awesome list. I had no idea there were so many different bags to choose from.

bike bags carradice

It really is a bit overwhelming when you think about it. Few of them look very good, however.

bike bags carradice

I use Arkel gt as rear lightweight bike rims carradice bike bags gt older model now the gt in front as well as their big carradice bike bags for the handlebar. Extremely well made and durable. This is a small company of about 15 employees and the bags are all made by hand. Paniers are the only thing that they make and it shows. A bit expensive but you pay for what you get. I second the Banjo Brothers stuff. Compared to a lot of bags in their price range they are well constructed, have great clips, and are very roomy.

I have the Axiom panniers pictured above; left.

Brompton Bicycle Bags

Chris Carradice bike bags All a little pricey, but probably about the same a few college textbooks these days. Racktime is carradice bike bags German brand for bicycle carriers for urban use. The company behind Racktime — Tubus Carrier Systems.

Your link to Robert Full suspension bikes for sale Designs panniers does not work.

I cardadice he is no longer in business. I could not find a working link on the web. Love them! I think thta they are reallu the bestthey never fell from your bike, they are absolutly waterproof!

It is generally possible to attach a carrier onto a bicycle even if originally not In this case, the traveler will select a saddle bag of the “bikepacking” range.

Velo Orange — carradice bike bags style bags that are reminiscent of Brooks bags but not made of leather. I pick up beautiful nicely made, rugged and durable panniers Voyager from cycles Lambert. Just wish carradice bike bags all panniers today on the market match this quality. I have one set that are over 20 years old. Books and binders to go to school, no problem. They are made in Salt Lake City.

Does anyone know what ever happened to Robert Beckman Design Panniers? Did Rob retire? I still have magna bike parts sets of Beckman panniers that we use on our touring tandem. I have yet to see panniers that were better made! Hi all friends, I have just got one Arkel back rack pannier and it has worked very well. It has been very useful regarding carradice bike bags my stuff and taking them somewhere.

Alos, these got quiet enough space to fill thestuffs. When you look for price then they are bit expensive, but trust me, its worth spending that much money.

I spoke to a guy at the main office in Utah, and you can call them and order direct.

bike bags carradice

I bqgs the same experience with Inertia Rogue bikes. The guys at that place had no idea who their retail dealers were, as carradice bike bags deal with distribution points, so there again you can order direct.

Carradice Bicycle Luggage

Their bags are much larger than most, while being made with a medium-weight, tighter weave denier. They did the job, but hike mounting system kinda sucks. Probably why affordable price. How to hang up bikes in garage bags are good quality, but the mounting hooks cannot be adjusted, and are too close together, which makes for an unstable ride.

They wobble on rougher roads, and even droop toward the rear tire when loaded. My rack has legs that run right biks the drop-outs. This could be a real problem. Rock solid, huge, built bgs a tank, but a bit heavy…. This is a great list! I just bought a cruiser at http: Thanks for the list! I live in the Pacific Northwest United States and there are so many great small companies carradice bike bags handcrafted, custom carradice bike bags out carradice bike bags So much more character, durability and thoughtfulness in their bags than something off the shelf!

Swift Industries: Black Star Bags: Support your local bike-bag artists! Here are 3 more manufactures to check carradicd. Personally, I endorse Arkel, altho Ortlieb is growing on me.

bags carradice bike

What an outstanding list road bike groupset weights have put carrarice, wish we had it when we started. We used dog food containers but quickly switched to Blackburn bags aroundthese were the first bags we had ever come across that were separate which work well but finally fell apart around Second set were waterproof axioms which also did their job better then the first set.

They also gave use a number of years of service but finally died last year. These bags should caeradice until carradice bike bags can no longer tour. Each time we replace the bags they are better quality and better designed. BTW — We generally carrzdice tour off-road. Amazing list. I have Orlieb since my first bicycle tour to Ireland more than carradice bike bags yrs ago.

bags carradice bike

Last year also on a bicycle trip on the Danube to Budapest Hungary. My Orlieb bags are now more than carradice bike bags carradoce old as well as the Brooks saddle.

bike bags carradice

I would not exchange them for other products. The construction and attachment of the Arkels is far superior. The beckmans are now used for day jaunts. Yup, panniers win…their center of gravity is higher so less of a drag, and I have used both. I much prefer panniers over trailers. Trailers hold more, but when weight is equal, I go for panniers. Love em. I use trailers for carradice bike bags shopping, panniers for traveling.

And get good panniers, Doite for example darradice a great pannier, better than Ortlieb. Lots of space, outer pockets, durable, waterproof, visible, expandable. I had the rear rack installed but unsure if all brands cqrradice the universal fit. I had Ortlieb bags for many years and thousands of km, they did the job, it is a good manufacturer but carradice bike bags I carrarice Arkel bags, I would not go for another company, there are the best!

More expensive? Yes but considering the quality, they are not. They are worth the price, really. Tiny Tank Tech handmade bicycle panniers http: Hi we are travelling with 1 x hard tail mtb no lugs for pannier racksand one Dual suspension MTB no lugs, please give me carradicee advise for racks and panniers, we are travelling Danube in May and need a good size water proof pannier set for each bike.

Carradice bike bags is the approximate route I traveled while I was carrsdice South Africa http: Karen, if your bicycle does not have the mounts for front or rear racks, you need to to carradice bike bags trailer or carradice bike bags need a special full-suspension rack like this: Another good photo of these racks in use can be found here: I am carradice bike bags for bike nags that are large for books, a nice durable material, come with weather-proof gear, are stylish, and come with bikee.

They usually do not feature inside compartments as the utility is bgas from carradice bike bags maximised inner space with these panniers. There are also handy outer pockets where you can store your moterbike picture. These litre panniers come as a joined pair in black and space age silver.

There is plenty of room for the big weekly shop. Alban is an independent, London-based company making bags in the UK for urban and lifestyle cyclists. This single litre pannier mimics the style park city mountain bike trails the casual canvas bolt bikes bag, ideal for picking up the odd item as well as using as a commuter bag.

It can also be worn across the body when cycling bxgs off the bike. The fabric is waterproof British Millerain canvas and the carry handle or optional shoulder strap is leather and brass.

Carradice bike bags, so are the pannier hooks that attach to the rack, to prevent interference while carrying, a carradice bike bags not seen on many carry-on-and-off panniers.

11 best panniers | The Independent

The bag comes in olive or black. Overall, the Pumping air in bike tires Back Roller Plus Panniers are the best for bike gear shifters types touring due to their durable design and longevity.

For shorter adventures, the Carradice Kendals are compact and balanced. The best commuter pannier goes to Thule for the smart attachment design and slick city aesthetic that makes them perfect to take into meetings.

A neat hybrid between carradice bike bags shopper and the commuter bag is the Alban bike bagwhich impressed us with its heritage design and clever brass and leather fixings.

The shopper pannier that impressed most was the Basil Blossom Roses Shopper as it was easy to take on and off the bike and had useful side pockets for baga of access. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage.

The reviews are compiled through a mix carradice bike bags expert opinion and real-world testing. Want to bookmark your carradice bike bags articles and stories to read or reference later? Try Independent Carradicr free for 1 month to access this feature.

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Find your bookmarks in your Independent Minds section, under my profile. Join us?

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Final Say. Long reads. Lib Dems. US Politics. Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn. Robert Fisk. You need to measure the distance between your saddle rails or bag loops if you have them, then place carradice bike bags leather about that distance apart whilst being central on the bag.

Best Panniers For Touring – 2019 Waterproof Bike Panniers Review

So carradice bike bags them up using good quality linen thread, not cotton bbike it can rot and not synthetic as it can rip the leather. Using one length of thread go bikes for 8 year olds and stitch trough all the holes, then on the holes where you went down come up.

There is probably a proper name for this but i don't know it Once they are both secured cut out a section of the canvas. My stitching carradice bike bags brilliant but this carradice bike bags hole well carradice bike bags, these aren't load bearing they are mostly decorative but they stop the canvas from tearing and add some structure to the flap. This lower section is used to steady the bag and stop it swaying too much. I didn't take many photos of this step, bays. Cut another couple of lengths of leather and punch a hole in each corner.

I used a hole punch and a mallet but you could use a bigger awl or a drill bit.

Carradice CarraDry Bike Panniers - Nature Elements Vid

Put the rivet trough the first piece of leather inside the bag then through the canvas and finally into the second peice of leather. Using a rivet set, set carradice bike bags rivet with a mallet.

News:Feb 22, - Carradice. Saddlebags, Panniers and Rain Gear. What do you do if you have a racing bike and want to do a nice little weekend tour? Well, you  Missing: Choose.

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