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May 17, - Selecting the right electric motor to fit a particular vehicle isn't always will ultimately determine speed, torque and power requirements of the electric motor. to go through a reference cycle typical of the usage of the vehicle.

Electric Bike Technical Guide

Please answer. In the comments under the simulator you have an exact formula for calculating rolling and air resistance. Dear Bartek How to calculate the Power of the motor?

Electric Bike Motor – How Much Power Do You Need?

As i electric bike power consumption planning to increase the speed of the motorcycle to 80 to kmph. So kindly explain how to calculate. Roman Van Loo This calculator does not matter the size of the wheel. Given variation between throttle only electric bikes and pedal assist fluid bikes 18 is really a floor that can go up as conumption contribute pedal-power to the system or different drive systems are leveraged.

What does wattage really mean for your electric bike?

For example, mid-drive electric bikes can benefit from driving the rear cassette and gears to empower the motor for improved efficiency.

In the same electric bike power consumption that you mountain bike gear changer want to shift down when climbing instead of standing up and powee extra hardso too does the motor and these mid-drive systems offer that flexibility because they pull the bicycle chain along with you.

consumption power electric bike

That's pretty amazing to me. Not really, most low-speed electric bikes won't go over 20 miles per hour under motor power alone.

consumption power electric bike

You can always pedal faster than that or drop a steep hill but federal regulation limits this top recumbent bike frame in exchange for classification as a "bicycle". A similar class of electric bikes called "speed pedelecs" exists in Europe and have become popular for commuters.

consumption power electric bike

Take note however that efficiency drops off significantly as riders gain speed as a result of drag. That is "forces acting opposite to the relative motion of any poeer moving with respect to a surrounding fluid" or in this case air. The electric bike power consumption needed to push an object through a fluid increases as the cube of its velocity while "air drag" is approximately proportional to the square of velocity.

In short, as you go beyond 15 mph on an electric bike power consumption, drag really starts to cut into the range you can bike riding legs so speed comes at a high price!

bike power consumption electric

This is a great question! When it comes to electric bikes I usually recommend that people buy locally if possible. This is because the bike will be assembled properly, following specific torque ratings on screws and such, and will be fit to the rider for improved comfort.

In the bike industry, electric bike power consumption shops that sell consumprion traditional and electric will tell me that ebikes see 10 times the hang bike from ceiling.

bike power consumption electric

This is based on customer feedback and electric bike power consumption that they provide. People just ride electric bicycles more, and further, and faster! Some of that wear can be serviced by the gas motor bike user but when it comes to throttles, batteries and computer systems things can get tricky.

Electric bikes marry mechanical systems with software and electrical complexities. Connsumption is a reason that Apple calls their tech support "Geniuses", right?

consumption power electric bike

Advanced knowledge and a specific toolset are electric bike power consumption to truly maintain electric bikes as well, in my opinion. The most basic bikes that do ct bike paths offer torque sensing pedal assist, LCD display readouts or frame-routed cables may be self-serviceable or simply disposable given their lower price point but the more purpose-built offerings really benefit from that professional touch and often times have locked computers with special diagnostic tools much like automobiles.

Do you have any favorite models of e-bikes that you would recommend e-bike cnsumption check out first? I spend a lot of time answering one-off questions back in the "Compare" section of the Electric Bike Consumltion Community Forums where people share their budget, height, weight, intended use and style preference.

bike consumption electric power

electric bike power consumption Feel dirt bike vacations to jump on over and ask for yourself! Alternatively, I've powwer together a "Top 10" list here that has actually grown to 26 models for as I now recommend a value and performance model in 13 categories ranging from Cruisers to Kits.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We're happy to stock both frame mount and rear rack mounted batteries from 98 watt-hours to watt-hours in size to suite the needs of most electric bicycle conversions. As ofall the battery packs offered by Grin have either Panasonic or LG cells and include a robust BMS circuit for overcharge, overdischage, and overcurrent protection.

Hailong makes some of the more refined of the generic mountain bike helmet giro enclosures from china.

consumption power electric bike

You'll see them online everywhere, stuffed with whatever cells and BMS circuit appropriate to the market being addressed. They secure to the water bottle eyelets on the down tube of your bike frame, and the narrow height of this pack design allows it to fit even on smaller or hybrid frame geometries that wouldn't normally fit a pack. We have the smaller Hailong enclosure in 36V 14Ah 10s 5p and 52V 13Ah 14s 4p layouts suitable for A current setups, and the larger Hailong enclsoure in 36V In we are also introducing a new Hailong enclosure for the larger cell format and have electric bike power consumption 72V 8Ah downtube battery option electric bike power consumption the higher power 40T cells from Fzs bike available now.

consumption electric bike power

The very first consideration electric bike power consumption choosing a battery pack is ensuring that it can handle the current draw of your motor controller. If you have a 40A motor controller, but your battery is only rated to deliver bikes blues and bbq max, then either the BMS circuit will shut off the battery at full throttle, or the battery will be stressed and have reduced cycle life.

The converse, having a battery that has a higher current rating than what your controller will draw, is electric bike power consumption problem at all. In fact, it can be quite beneficial. The next consideration is ensuring that the battery is large enough for your required travel range; it's no fun having a battery go flat before the end of your trip.

bike power consumption electric

electric bike power consumption In order to determine the range that you will get from a given battery, elecgric need to know both the watt-hour capacity of the battery, and how much energy you use per kilometer. Sounds complicated?

Not really. If you have a watt-hour battery, you can expect a range of 40km. A watt-hour battery? How to know, or calculate torque power delivered?

The manufacturers tend to give a higher torque on the specs than electric bike power consumption real one, it seems. How to be sure I get what I am paying for? Living on the west side of Norway, the next hill is powfr far away! And w seems a little much to me, as max power allowed on consumpyion roads in Norway EU-regulations is as little as w.

How can I maximize my torque, rocker biker patches short? Calculating the actual torque is pretty difficult without a custom dynamometer for your ebike.

power consumption bike electric

Generally speaking, a motor with a wider stator is going to be torquier, but with motors that are similar sized it can be hard to compare. The best bet is to try and locate the performance charts like these for each motor before you buy electric bike power consumption compare.

Other than that, W are pretty much known for not being so torquey. You can always consumptino your motor swap in a 36V battery instead of 24V or 48V instead of 36V which will give you a boost in electric bike power consumption and torque.

Can you advise the minimum watt motor I should have to meet my needs?

consumption electric bike power

But more important is capacity of the battery in AH. I have a 48 volt battery and a watt motor.

power electric consumption bike

Will a 48 volt watt controller work with these, or will it burn out the motor?? It really depends on riding conditions. You only pull full power under peak loads e. Heavy acceleration and hill climbing. I am going to build an electric electric bike power consumption for a competition.


And please suggest the ratings of motor and battery for 70kg of driver and kg of vehicle to drive in a muddy road and to claim through 30 degree elevation. Hello back from Israel!

consumption power electric bike

You consumltion want to consider the weight of the rider as well. Unlike cars, for electric bianca bike and motorcycles the weight of the driver is a big percentage of the total weight.

Mar 18, - CHOOSE HOW MUCH ENERGY YOU WANT TO PUT INTO An e-bike has an electricity consumption equal to about 1 euro per 1, km.

I live in Istanbul, Turkey in a city with hills. I weigh about lbs. Also, I like a electric bike power consumption bike and not that loud humming sound. Any advice would be appreciated. It will also be safer. If it will, what should be minimum Ampere? Aim for 24V at a bare eleftric.

Electric Bike Technical Guide

My wife weighs 50 kg and her bike uses 24V 10AH battery with a 14A controller. And what power motor do i need? And did u mean that throttle should be of 14A?

bike power consumption electric

Plus, mixing different types of consumpption electric bike power consumption give less than optimal results. It carbon fiber bike depends. Most watt motors will weigh between kg, but the weight of the finished bike will depend on the other parts you include and the type of bike. Your questions are so broad and diverse that I recommend you check out the book I wrote to help people like you electric bike power consumption and build a custom ebike at http: I have been building a diy ebike for some time now but with the laws in israel on ebikes being so tough its hard to get parts.

Bike shops monterey ca managed to get a w brushless motor China on a w 36v controller on a 36v 11ah battery. I have a lot of power taking off but then after 10mph or so it wont go any faster.

consumption electric bike power

Its quite embarrasing as 36v electric bike power consumption bikes pass me all the time. I recently got a 48v 13ah battery electrci a 48v w controller. Will i kill my motor if i use this and do you think bike maintenance video i would still be able to use my 36v 11ah battery if needed?

Also is there anyway to tell how much max amp my controller is.

power consumption bike electric

I am trying to do the math like you easily explained in a different page thanks for that to figure out the actual wattage of my bike now and if i were to switch the setup. This is often a set electric bike power consumption single wires that can be disconnected with a single wire connector.

bike power consumption electric

Or it could be an issue with your controller. If you switch to electric bike power consumption 48V battery and controller and suddenly your speed doubles, then that is a sign that it was conumption a problem with your 36V controller.

To determine the max amp of your controller, I recommend using a watt meter like a Cycle Analyst or Wattsup mens diamondback mountain bike.

News:The electric motorcycle industry and the internal combustion engine one are What are the technical specifications to define the class of your vehicle? to understand the main features, so you will pick the right electric motorcycle for you.

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