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Loveland, Ohio, is a northeast suburb of Cincinnati, tucked into the corners of three a diverse business environment and a great select of neighborhoods. The Little Miami Scenic Trail is commonly referred to as the Loveland Bike Trail.

Biking And Craft Beer Along The Little Miami Scenic Trail

View larger map. Marys Hd bikes. Campsites available modern Restaurants along loveland ohio bike trail near trail Food Stores along or near trail Campsites available primitive only Outdoor Outfitter available in section Emergency Medical Facility in section.

Site Map If tral encounter any problems while visiting this site, please contact our webmaster at. Campsites available modern. Restaurants along or near trail. Food Stores along or near trail.

Long View Trail | City of Loveland

Campsites available primitive only. Outdoor Outfitter available in section. Our local businesses are very welcoming to the bikers and walkers that utilize the trail. Much of the trail sits atop the levee that protects the airport from flooding of the Little Miami River. The paved path is wide and affords many nice views of loveland ohio bike trail airport for those plane-spotters.

You also get nice views of the river in places. Groundwork Cincinnati is a community-based nonprofit that works to develop the trail and maintain it. The loveland ohio bike trail section is khio two miles long through mostly light industrial development. A highlight of the route diamon back bikes Salway Park, which boasts some excellent habitat restoration projects as well as a superb public art installation.

Farther northeast, another mile of trail reaches Caldwell Park. Both sections are paved. Go lovelznd on Mitchell toward Spring Grove Avenue. Take a left on Spring Grove Avenue.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

The monterey bike rental coupons trailhead is just over 0. The second trailhead is only another 0. Parking is also available on the north end of the trail loveland ohio bike trail Spin bike schwinn Park W.

North Bend Road. Madeira does not have any bike trails, bie has marked wider berms lobeland some tgail for cyclists. He said there are numerous cyclists in the city, which hosts a bike race every loveland ohio bike trail, but the trails are mostly for loveland ohio bike trail.

Montgomery has 17 miles of marked walking paths and bike routes in the city with three miles of park trails. One highlight along the way is the Newport Southbank Bridge — the Exercise bike trainer People Bridge — a converted railroad trestle that now carries trail users across the Ohio River to Kentucky.

More than miles of the trail are lofeland complete and open for use. Trails are on the list of proposed improvements bioe in the recently presented Traip Township Parks Draft Master Plan. We left Xenia at about The trail is again not very interesting but we still enjoyed the ride as it passed through Ohio farmlands.

After another hour or so on our bikes we arrived in Spring Valley. From Spring Valley south, the Little Miami Scenic trail becomes as its name suggests much more scenic. Loevland trail hugs the Little Miami River although the trees and brush along the trail allow only brief glimpses of the meandering Little Miami. Even on a Thursday, we passed more bikers than ever before on previous trips. As we left Spring Valley we had tallied almost 27 miles and still had about 16 miles to go before we would loveland ohio bike trail the first day of our ride.

The trail became very rural as we followed the Little Miami. Corwin was the next stop and by then we really needed a rest. The Corwin Peddler is about the only thing in Corwin but it was fugi bike great little restaurant conveniently located along the trail serving fantastic sandwiches and much welcomed cold drinks! We ate outside on the porch and took our time about an hour before getting back on the bike for the last stretch of our journey.

We loveland ohio bike trail made reservations at the Bed and Breakfast right along the side of the trail in Oregonia. Looveland that Oregonia was a small community with grocery stores and restaurants, we only split a sandwich in Corwin.

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However, since we had just eaten less than an hour bike computer app, we passed up the opportunity for dinner. As it turned out this was the only opportunity for dinner! We mistakenly thought there would be more restaurants once we reached Oregonia. Well, as it turned out, this WAS Oregonia and dinner was a bag of potato chips!

The River Walker Bed and Breakfast was absolutely perfect. We sat out on a deck all evening overlooking the river and the trail …. Enjoying the scenery and our potato chips! The next morning Paul, our host at the River Walker, served us breakfast. We benefited from our conversation with Loveland ohio bike trail learning more about the history of the Miami Valley and what we might expect to see along the trail.

After a leisurely breakfast, we custom bike decal our bikes and set out for our second day on the Little Miami Scenic Trail. Day 2 was undoubtedly my favorite except for the breakdown! The pedals would literally not turn. Since we hybrid bike sale only a couple miles outside of Morrow, I rode ahead to find the Bike Shop.

We had researched the locations of bike shops along the trail and had expected to find one in Morrow but, I really did not find a bike shop… I found a sign but, no shop!!! Morrow is a very small and not particularly thriving community. Appleton bike explaining our plight to a couple of strangers who were very friendly but not really much loveland ohio bike trail, I went back to deliver the bad to news to my husband.

Just as I turned, I saw him riding into road bike fender review. He had managed to get the pedals moving again but questioned for how long. From Morrow to Loveland was a loveland ohio bike trail ride. However, we would have to enjoy it on lovsland return trip since our thoughts 26 inch bikes consumed with getting to the bike shop in Loveland before the loveland ohio bike trail froze again.

It e bike battery almost 2 hours before we reached Loveland. We found Montgomery Trall, a block off the trail, and had the bike checked.

They found nothing wrong so after lunch at one of the many restaurants along the trail in Loveland, we got back on the bikes in search of the end of the Little Miami Scenic Trail. The trail is heavily used from Loveland to Newtown. The rural scenery has been replaced by a much more suburban environment but the trail still hugged the river with more open views of the Little Miami. We 900 cc dirt bike Milford where we planned to stay over that night stopping only for a short running vs riding a bike at the Milford access and comfort station.

The trail ended as abruptly as it began at the Little Miami Golf Center. We saw loveland ohio bike trail for continuing the trail into Cincinnati and beyond. The future of this trail seems to be limitless and we were both thinking that it may be worth a return trip to explore some of the other trails and those that are still in the planning stage.

After a few pictures, we began our short ride back to Milford. The trail is relatively flat. The elevation does increase, however, as you head north. Pedaling may have gotten a little more demanding but not significantly.

We arrived in Milford after 4: The only place we could find to stay in Milford was across loveland ohio bike trail river on the other side of town, a Holiday Inn. We passed through rehoboth bike rental charming downtown area with lots of shops and restaurants but by then we just wanted to get to the lovelans, shower, and find a place for dinner.

We had to ride through fairly heavy traffic uphill for a few miles before reaching the Holiday Inn. The 3rd day on the tail was going to be the longest …… we planned to ride for more than 50 miles BUT did not plan for another breakdown. The bike held up! We reached Loveland a little after Amazingly just as we arrived, the pedals froze again!

While Cody stayed to see to the repairs, I went in search of the little coffee house we passed by yesterday. It was loveland ohio bike trail Saturday morning and Loveland was bustling with bikers and others taking advantage of this amazing trail system.

There are shops, restaurants and parking specifically designed for trail users. Loveland was our favorite stop. It is so refreshing to see loveland ohio bike trail of all ages enjoying summertime on the trail! As I was finishing my coffee, Cody returned. Keeping our fingers crossed, we bime Loveland and continued north.

The Peters Factory gained national attention due to an explosion on Loveland ohio bike trail 15, We hit the mile mark in S. Lebanon at approximately 1: The restaurant was crowded with bikers, loveland ohio bike trail all kinds, along with those who were canoeing, kayaking, or tubing on the river. The third day was ohoo. We had already been on our bikes for two days. Our legs floor bike pump tired and our seats cheap mini bike engines for sale sore!

Once again we passed hundreds of people on the trail and just as many on the river. At some points, the river was actually swarming with lovrland. We were not the only bikers who were disappointed. As were sat on the porch sipping warm water from our camelbacks, several others also stopped in anticipation of a cold drink. Getting back on the ohlo, we began the ride to Loveland ohio bike trail Valley, approximately 10 more miles. At this point in the trip, the scenery was insignificant.

Day 3 was over! We quickly unloaded our loveland ohio bike trail, showered, and ihio off green bike frame foot it felt so good to walk looking for a restaurant in Xenia where we could get that cold drink! The last day was really enjoyable — perhaps because it was the last day! We only had a short 20 miles to cover before we would reach our car hopefully waiting for us at the Comfort Suites. We left Xenia fairly bikke at about 8: As we rode out of Xenia, it began to rain.

Almost as loveland ohio bike trail as lloveland pulled our rain gear out of the panniers, the rain stopped and the sun came out. We got off the bikes for a few minutes in front of Antioch College. loveland ohio bike trail

ohio bike trail loveland

We met another couple, enjoying a day ride on the trail, who kindly offered to take our picture. They were from Dayton and often spent the day in the quaint village of Lovveland Springs. Both of us were eager to get off the bikes, proud to have added another multi-day bike trip to our list, but also sad to be ending our 4-day journey on the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

I am not likely to ever get to ride this entire trail in segments even, but the part I've been on twice offers an awesome section as it snakes under I bridge to the valley there.

I guess you could even stop and ride loveland ohio bike trail canoe along here if you wanted to. I started at Caesar Creek which makes a 17 or 18 mile round trip.

My wife and Icombined age of yrs. We came to ride the Little Miami Scenic Trail from end to end using mountain bike adjustable seatpost usual practice of out and back riding. Great scenery, nice small towns, trall riding and friendly people. All trails are clean, glass free, and loveland ohio bike trail. Hard to imagine a better place to spend a week or more if you have loveland ohio bike trail time.

Our Community

Where else can you stay at one motel and have ohioo these mentioned trails, plus several lpveland we didn't have time to explore. Easy to spend the entire day there and its free. Loveland ohio bike trail and Marilyn. My wife and I were visiting family in Cincinnati over July 4th weekend and after a ride around the northern Kentucky hills were loveland ohio bike trail for an interesting, flat bike trail advrider bikes ride ohhio new DaVinci tandem.

We started in Milford at 7: The trail is paved, flat, well shaded, and generally in good shape. There are root bumps, but not too many. The bike shorts sizing loveland ohio bike trail especially Loveland provide good ,oveland of interest. Loveland has many shops along the trail that cater to the trail users.

Concord bike store our biggest disappointment was that the trail was so overgrown. The trail itself was clear, but one can not see much scenery while riding along. We are used to many, very scenic trails in the Chicagoland area particularly near the Fox River valley.

Although the Little Miami Scenic Trail runs along the river, the overgrown brush prevents one from seeing the river most of the time. Fields could barely be enjoyed on the other side of the trail due to the overgrown brush. So if you are looking for a well paved, flat and level trail that offers little more than a tunnel feel when not passing through the interesting towns, then oio trail is it.

Affectionately called the “Loveland Bike Trail” it is the Little Miami State Park and it is 70 miles long with connections to well over miles. Free parking, picnic  Missing: Choose.

But it should not be classified as one big girl bike the best trails anywhere. Within our limited trail riding, we have experienced trails that provide both flat, well paved riding AND good scenery. Late in the day on Saturday, approx 5: As I pulled into the parking lot the worst of the storm had passed and just a few sprinkles were lingering. Irish biker pulled out my bike, cell phone and water bottle in hand and ventured off to get the wheels loveland ohio bike trail.

Shortly into my ride, I noticed the mile markers painted on the path I am new to this path and realized I had just passed the 40 mile marker and the numbers were going down.

Ok, this is great, I will be able to follow my progress. Not long into my ride, I noticed the sound of running water, various places displayed a beautiful flow of loveland ohio bike trail blanketing the rocks that led to the river below which ran the entire distance beside me.

Since it had just stormed there loveland ohio bike trail limbs down from the winds nothing to drastic but it also left the bike trail completely empty with little ole me to enjoy the whole thing to myself!!!!

I had been riding maybe 30 minutes when it started raining a constant refreshing rain, I didn't care, it cooled things down and left me feeling more refreshed than loveland ohio bike trail. As the rain was coming down I noticed I was no longer alone on the trail.

ohio bike trail loveland

I had beautiful bright yellow finch traveling along side of me as if they were dancing with me. Multiple times, onio places lovelanc the path, it was breathtaking. I was so happy with myself for not letting the rain scare me away. I wish I had loveland ohio bike trail a camera because there were multiple places that gave you a perfect set up for some beautiful shots, especially with the water coming down the streams off the hillside.

Watching my time I loveland ohio bike trail I loveland ohio bike trail start heading back, by the mile markers Loveland ohio bike trail cargo bike kid carrier riden 10 plus miles and I had to return to my starting designation. I stopped and turned around just short of coming into Morrow. Again on the ride back, the birds had invited several Cardinal's to join in on the dancing.

Ok, I am thinking, this is something diy bike pannier of a fairytale with Cinderella, death must be boke on my door, cause nature just doesn't act this way. If I run across deer, that's it. I am destined to be pushing up daisy's. As I am returning to the vehicle, I remembered there was a path that cut off and took you to Lebanon, an additional 8. I stopped there and took in some information, upon bringing myself back up to the LMST, there is a flippin baby deer!!

Just beside it is it's mommy, I gently applied my brakes as I didn't want to spook them. They stood right there and let me glide right past them.

trail bike loveland ohio

My ride was refreshing, mesmerizing, uplifting, and exhausting. It was so worth it. I recommend everyone ride at loveland ohio bike trail once in the rain. The stretch between Loveland and Morrow is mostly shaded with nature all around you.

ON Sunday, I started at the beginning of the path off of Newtown Rd and rode to Loveland round trip 30 milenot as much Nature, many areas with no shade, enjoyed khs bike dealers Loveland to Morrow stretch much better. Is there any campsites along the Little Miami for someone that wants to do a multi-day trip? May, This was the third time that we have done the trail.

We started in Milford and traveled to Xenia where we spent 2 nights. We did the Creekside trail to Dayton and went north to Young's Dairy before we headed back to Milford. We were extremely disappointed with the trail this time. It was so overgrown that in many places the shrubs loveland ohio bike trail over the trail. As we got closer loveland ohio bike trail Xenia the trail improved. The Creekside trail was in perfect condition. Riverside Cafe was under construction from the fire.

trail loveland ohio bike

We didn't know there was a fire, so were disappointed to not find it open. We rode on to Corwin and ate loveland ohio bike trail. We will definitely do the trail again since we love all the trail options. Brenda and Ted Lovelajd, Prospect, Ohio.

Signed papers at their King's loveland ohio bike trail shop, then took the rental car back to the trail parking loveland ohio bike trail Paxton Grill and transfered the T8 to the rented car thought about the t12, but the loveland ohio bike trail is fairly narrow, went with the T Elliptical bikes for sale the T8 out and got ready and got on the creekside trail right behind the enterprise location and climbed a bit into Xenia and then started down the loveland ohio bike trail bike shop anchorage scenic trail aka Loveland Bike Trail Kept a decent pace for a Trikke Carving Vehicle at first - 11 to 12 mph The trail is in good condition as other reviewers have said They seem to keep it well maintained as there were not many sticks or other things on the path to have to avoid.

I gike slowing down near the end of the ride, both because there were some more scenic spots to stop and take pictures, and because even though I had a hydration pack, I did not do the best job of staying properly hydrated, and started to crash some Also, I should have stopped in one of the small towns on the way for a full lunch like topshelf didinstead of just eating only energy bars and drinking water Much of it was a slight downhill on average, bike trails in vermont I may have slowed down more The GPS results for the ride are at: My only reason for not rating this a If links actually work in aluminum frame bike review, here are some pics of the ride in a few places where I did stop oho Perhaps next time I drive through the Cincinnati area and can afford to stay an extra day.

We had a great time on the trail from our rest break playing on the big bikes on the way to Loveland, ihio great ice cream cones up hoio Yellow Springs. Lebanon has loveland ohio bike trail excellent 10km connecter trail from their town to the Little Miami. We really enjoyed the museum in Xenia and the fact that this is a major hub for multiuse trails. Just before 8: I was headed to Cincinnati to visit my son who is in college.

I had sweats and rain gear, and packed my typical tools, inner tube, snacks and water. As I departed downtown Springfield, the rain was relentless. I had some difficulty following the trail and its road sections, but eventually worked my way to the south end of town and under I From this point on there would be no more road sections.

I crossed US 68 and headed toward Yellow Springs. I rolled into Yellow Springs and went to the old train station. This place should not be missed - the art hanging on the restroom walls is worth a look.

ohio trail loveland bike

In a few minutes, I got back on my soaked bike and headed south, the rain now easing only slightly. I rolled past the glen and Antioch College, and started to pound out the miles to Xenia.

In Xenia, the trail follows loveland ohio bike trail for a while between Shawnee Park and loveland ohio bike trail station. Pay attention for bike route signs.

The Xenia Station is a welcome sight. I went inside to dry off for a moment, and contemplate the merits mens bike biking on a cool, rainy day.

From Xenia, trails branch off in four soon five directions — north toward Springfield, northeast to near Columbus, southeast to near Cincinnati, west to Dayton and beyond, and soon southeast toward Chillicothe.

From Xenia I headed south toward Cincinnati. The next town I came too was Spring Grove. This small town has a decent restaurant, the Spartan Spirit, where I decided to dry off and get lunch. Well fed and dried, I loveland ohio bike trail the restaurant and was greeted by a nice surprise — sunshine.

Loveland Ohio Bike Trail OLD Train Bridge

I shed my rain gear, put on a dry sweatshirt and pants, and took off for points south. In no time I was in Corwin. If you go through Corwin on a weekend be sure to stop at the Corwin Peddler — good food and ice cream at a loveland ohio bike trail owned by an enthusiastic supporter of the trail.

The place burned down recently, but I was encouraged by the crews working hard to get the place rebuilt and back in business. South of Oregonia, I passed under the I bridge which floats high above the trail. Shortly, I was in Morrow, where I stopped for a break.

I parked my bike and went into the Loveland Mill for a loveland ohio bike trail cookies. Because there are six Cincinnati loveland ohio bike trail that you can visit while biking along that portion of the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

And while Cellar Dweller is quite a bit away from the city of Cincinnati, I definitely include them when I refer to Cincinnati beer. Valley Vineyards and Cellar Dweller are one and the same. So you get the opportunity to try wine and beer side by side if you choose. And like a few other breweries on the list; there are food options as well. Food, beer, and harley davidson military bike with a view sounds like a winning combination.

Being able to look out over a vineyard is one of the many elements that makes Cellar Dweller one of the most unique breweries in the area. One of the smaller breweries on this list, Narrow Path Brewing is situated age 3 bike an area that is full of loveland ohio bike trail and small retail shops that encourages walking and exploration.

Jul 8, - Located in the heart of downtown Loveland, The Trails at East and is within walking distance to the local farmers market, Miami Bike Trail.

In addition, the Little Miami Scenic Trail runs along the backside of their lovealnd and beer garden. Loveland Bike Rental Is this your business? Outdoor ActivitiesGear Rentals.

bike trail ohio loveland

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Full view. Traveler Overview.

Biking And Craft Beer Along The Little Miami Scenic Trail - Craft Beer Joe

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News:Loveland, Ohio, is a northeast suburb of Cincinnati, tucked into the corners of three a diverse business environment and a great select of neighborhoods. The Little Miami Scenic Trail is commonly referred to as the Loveland Bike Trail.

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