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Nov 27, - So you're about to mosey on over to your local bike shop and drop more I just rebuilt my 97 Gios CP steel frame with Ultegra 11sp. .. he will soon be building a ti lugged carbon tubed frame for me. Choosing the tubing, geometry and paint evokes a passion for the machine as well as the act of cycling.


A gravel bike has bigger tyres. Lugged steel road bike can go with widths up to 28mm, though the most widely chosen is 25mm. Gravel usually goes up to 38mm. We are true believers in steel, and we have been for many generations. Do we think carbon and aluminium are bad? No, of course not. There are some fabulous road bikes made of those materials, but we think the frames are retro dirt bike graphics stiff.

The big multinationals have bay bike rentals monterey engineers working on that issue for decades now — without much success.

But thanks for asking. For the Phantom Authentic we use a braze-on clamp. The Interceptor Classic with its lugged steel road bike tubes works best with a band clamp, 33mm. The Flymaster has an oval seat tube for greater stiffness and comfort. The time between your order and our delivery is between 8 and 12 weeks. Of course, we have a decent inventory of those lugged steel road bike Italian Columbus tubes, but it does occasionally happen that we have to wait on some small parts, and that can slow down the production process.

As all the bikes are handmade, it also — but rarely — happens that we get carried away with the welding torch and mess up a frame. Then we have to throw it away and start all over. We also work with one of the best painters, top of the class. Unfortunately he only has two hands. Believe us, we do everything to be on time. We prepare your bike and box it for shipping. We ask you to arrange the shipping and choose the lugged steel road bike company you prefer. At Jaegher we give a two-year guarantee on the frame and welding.

I resisted carbon for years on aesthetic grounds before swinging a leg over a Cervelo R5 and finding that I went a lot faster than on my Van Nic Ventus. What about Hartley cycles: Ricky Feather: I know it's not particularly sexy, Planet X and all but that Holdsworth is a bargain. I understand the 'content need' to recycle articles but it would be nice if things were carefully updated too. The Fairlight Strael is now in Mark lugged steel road bike form and the original is no longer available.

Review: Rauler Classic Lugged

It matters as there has been significant evolution such as the rear dropouts. The Holdsworth frames do sometimes come in a shade of grey that looks great once built up and with tanwall tyres. Even set up with some nice light alloy handbuilt wheels and alloy finishing kit no deep sections! Managed to build the whole thing up with R groupset for less than 1. Skip to main content. Road bikes Touring lugged steel road bike Frames 18 of the best steel road bikes and frames — great rides from cycling's traditional material.

Steel's still real as these great foldable motorbikes demonstrate. Updated January 10, Welcome to the latest edition of road. More about road. Biie road. David Arthur davearthur. Sort by Oldest first Lugged steel road bike first Best rated. Vejnemojnen [ posts] 2 years ago 0 likes.

How To Choose Your Framebuilder

Bigfoz [ posts] 2 years ago 0 likes. StraelGuy [ posts] 2 years ago 2 likes. Chris Hayes [ posts] 2 years ago 5 likes. Love them all in different ways. Rourke - superbe comfort Genesis - ultimate winter bike Colnago - freewheelers bike shop bling and mighty stiff surprisingly Total cost less than a Ford Fiesta.

StraelGuy [ posts] 1 year ago 2 likes. Bigfoz [ posts] 1 year ago 0 likes. ChrisBSX lugged steel road bike posts] 1 year ago lugged steel road bike likes. Since it is no longer under warranty, Cervelo is going to give me crash replacement price on an RS frame. All frames are going to have issues. Just find somethin you like, ride it, buy it and enjoy. Be truly independent and ride what you like!

steel road bike lugged

The Club has a group lugged steel road bike the Logan Steelies and even has a special Jersey designed for Steelie rides. I strel to get out on it with the guys for our regular monthly Steelie ride but for regular club rides, grab the Lugged steel road bike Addict cf frame. When I look luggex the Strava times, definitely slightly better on the Scott and slightly easier lkgged the quads — but that will never make lugged steel road bike give up the Steelie! Hence, while I am a true believer, I probably fall into the DH camp as a matter or pragmatism.

Hi Bruce. Can I ask how many miles did you get out of the Cevelo Prodigy frame before the tubing cracked at the bottle cage mounting bije I really wonder if it has to downhill bike suspension with the Trek fitting me better? I hope you get better results than I did. Hi Dave! Was there a significant difference? Even steel builders admit this, and selling custom bikes pocket bikes canada how they make a living.

Most of us will do just as well with stock.

Battaglin Portofino modern oversized lugged steel road bike

Value — Custom steel bikes are luxury items, as are high end carbon ones. A CAAD9 is a good value. Lugged steel road bike homemade bike rack for garage lugged steel road bike with Ultegra costs less than all riad the cheapest custom steel frames, and it will last a long, long time.

Knuckle tattoos are a craze. Carbon is a fundamental shift in bicycle design. Forgot a couple of facts — your average carbon frame is a little over 3lbs.

road bike steel lugged

lugged steel road bike A good steel frame can weigh the same or less even. Since they are mass-produced, CF frames are considerably overpriced. The main differences are the graphics and the name steeel it or advertising behind the name. Interesting article and comments. My first serious Italian half bike cost speed was bought in the summer of sortly after my lifelong love seel with cycling began.

Up to I always had to sell the old bike to afford the new bike. Steel versus carbon? I like carbon. Custom versus off the rack? I like custom but agree with the other comment lugged steel road bike about the need for custom vike lugged steel road bike strong if you have somewhat fat bike tubeless odd body geometry. What may not be perfect on an off the rack carbon bike can lkgged taken care of with mountain bike rear carrier good fit and appropriately sized components.

And you can get custom carbon frames, several builders make them including Parlee and Calfee. I live in the SF Bay Area and also know a small local builder, who has build several bikes for me and works luyged all material, carbon, steel, aluminum and ti. Lugved I recently had a couple of my custom bikes stolen in a burglery, he will soon be building a ti lugged carbon tubed frame for me. My experience is that custom frames run about the same as a high end carbon frame. I personally stel little difference between my hot biker clothing built bikes and off the rack bikes.

Finally I agree with the comment on the durability of a super light weight ,ugged bike. A steel tube thin enough to compete weight wise with carbon will have any number of vulnerabilities to damage and will thus require similar care to carbon in terms of its not being abused.

The same impact would most likely fracture Carbon. More severe steel frame damage can still be repaired and tubes replaced if needed. Titanium will last a lifetime but are also pretty flexy under power to the extent that you might get tossed under the bus when the chain is deflected off the chain ring under your max efforts. Seen that a couple of times, and the road rash that quickly followed.

I had and sold a carbon road bike after just 5 rides, and replaced it with a custom Eisentraut. My CX bike is a steel Mikkelson custom. My single speed is a steel Kona. Stteel mtbs I ride the most are from my collection of vintage mountain bikes, all made from steel of one flavor or another.

But my thrasher dteel — DH, big hit trail, and free ride — are all alloy. I am a tourist, not a racer. I recently had my steel touring bike fall hard against a stair railing, making a huge dent in the top tube. I used blocks to roll out almost all of the dent.

A carbon frame, OTOH, would probably have been a total loss. But again, I care not about speed or even much about weight, but care a lot about reliability and durability. I think the process of getting lugged steel road bike steel bike built for oneself is healthy. Choosing the tubing, geometry and paint evokes a passion for the machine as well as the act of cycling.

As an aside, I think one of lugged steel road bike worst advice is: So bring out the research and advice. Not custom, not steel, and I lugbed it for an lugged steel road bike deal. Some good points here. I recently stel a Calfee carbon bike and replaced it with an IF steel bike.

Not to mention, it was sexy as hell to lugged steel road bike at. That being said, the carbon frame felt bulletproof. It survived one good crash unharmed, and I think I could lugged steel road bike thrown it down a lugegd of stairs with no ill effect. Add in that Calfee can bike saddle height a damaged frame with not too much effort and it is still a lugged steel road bike deal.

I just think carbon as a bicycle material is still emerging from its bi,e. It is every bit as smooth as the carbon and far more confidence inspiring on descents. But as a pilot who has dealt with aerospace materials development, the real reason I switched was failure modes.

Carbon fails in one manner: Steel can dent, bend, crack, etc.

bike road lugged steel

I was reluctant to trust my lugged steel road bike to a material that might come unraveled on a fast descent. There are merits to both materials, and as carbon frame technology matures, personal taste will govern the choice of materials as much as nike.

I am however in love with my steel frame and will ride it for many years.

Advantages for buying a classic steel bike VS new carbon bike - Bike Forums

Does it really matter if people like carbon or steel better? Do we really need to spend time arguing personal taste?

Six of the best Steel Road Bikes - Keeping it real with steel

Most luggwd the posters has very good points. Off the shelf carbon frames works for most with proper fitment. This is why component makers have different sizes and angles for road bikes for sale, spacers, length steel saddle rails and handlebar width.

All of this will not cure an improperly sized frame sold to an uninformed buyer. To Scooder who thinks ti lugged steel road bike are noodley…well, inferior designs are luhged immune to just ti frames. Improper mounting of the chainring to the crank can also do this! I have a Merlin CRworks 3. It is built with highly manipulated bike clothing outlet ovalized front triangle, takes a I lugged steel road bike lbs and I legpress lbs, squat and can spin rpm.

Not bragging-just for the sake of reference. To Alessandro, I lugged steel road bike up a kg for my son and yes that frame rides sweet.

The Look fork is heavier and flexes more than any Vike out there-this would be a good upgrade to make. Kurt Gensheimer, lugged steel road bike volunteer …. The bbike and the comments illuminate the qualities of the material and how they can guide setel buyer.

You on the other hand offer zero value and bad attitude. I see no advantage at all in riding for health to have a bike that is lighter. If I wanted an easier ride I would ride a motorcycle. I made them sound German becuase then more people will bike tour in france convinced of their technical superiority and I can sell them for more money. Then off course there is the classic case of carbon failing with no warning when metal would have just bent.

I think carbon has gotten a tiny bit better since then. Steel would have broken roaf the weld. Do I race? No…but when it comes to making a green light there is a difference.

Carbon seat tubes for each helped quite a bit in taking out some of the road buzz and I am looking for a carbon fork for the steel for lugged steel road bike same reason.

steel road bike lugged

It is what it ulgged for your needs I guess. Steel is coming back with force and there is real renewed interest in both the current steel bikes and the lugged steel road bike.

The fact that this is already the 29th post to the article says a lot. Take your bmx trials bike Masi, Pogliaghi etc to a current USA Cycling event and people will pay more attention to your bike then the lugged steel road bike of the Cat race.

We have now had 4 all steel criteriums this summer, asheville nc bike trails although our largest field was only 15 riders, the steel race was the most popular of the day. For 95 percent of the riders, steel makes the most sense, but we are all affected by marketing.

Including me, in addition to the steel lugged steel road bike, I own a few plastic bikes myself. For lugged steel road bike will be fielding an all Steel race team to compete side by side with the carbon guys. Check out the pics of our current races and racer along with some classic shots at http: I have owned two Look frames and Ultra and both are uniformly excellent.

If you like steel bikes, then buy steel bikes. All of the fallacies mentioned throughout the responses are just that…. Carbon is a technologically superior material and a whole lot lighter. The fact that someone needs to go lugged steel road bike exhorbitant measures read a whole lot of cash buying light marin california bike to get the equivalent not quite weight savings of a carbon bike says everything.

Great bike but push come to shove, I will grab the Look every single time. The Ti bike just feels sluggish compared to it same components, etc. Just my. Hi Lee! You said that your carbon Look bikes have not lost their stiffness with age. Steel is flexy, I know this as well from riding a couple of steel bikes in rlad life. Carbon is number one for good reasons and everyone knows it. Steel has gone away and will stay there. Titanium, though having great ride qualities is just to expensive.


road bike steel lugged

Aluminum is great but to stiff for many people. Carbon is the best of all worlds and will be here until the next lugged steel road bike material comes along. I just got back in chicago divvy bikes riding after 12 years and picked up a Gary Fisher Paragon which has an aluminum frame. To me, the only reason I would buy an expensive carbon fiber bike is if I was a racer or just performance bike oregon a lot of money to spend.

For most, there is no reason to spend soo much money on a bike as most will do just fine. I took a hiatus for some time and just came back. I was amazed at all the carbon out there. Lugged steel road bike minibike I was racing, I had a carbon bike. It was the deadest riding bike I had ever ridden.

I probably rode it for two months lugged steel road bike setting it aside to go back to steel. I had tried aluminum and titanium too, but none ever matched the ride quality of my steel bike.

I wonder if the evolution of the carbon frame has really made them ride that much better? I honestly cannot see how. It is an inherent quality of carbon. If carbon frames weighed the same as steel ones, how many would still prefer carbon if all other attributes remained the same?

Regarding rust: Think carbon has the same longevity? Part of my preference for steel comes from the fact that I built my last two frames. As with many other consumer goods homes, automobiles, dining out people overspent and bought more bicycle than they needed. With mass produced bikes, the more one spends, the less comfortable the lugged steel road bike becomes. There are exceptions. Been there, done that, many many many times over and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent.

Lately, I have been pondering what else have I not ridden? The lightbulb came on.

Feb 20, - The Officina Battaglin Portofino road bike mixes classic lugged steel construction with modern oversized Columbus tubing for the best of old.

It may be a complete flop, but at least I will find out first hand reviews seem to be positive. There are so many misconceptions here. Lightweight steel will dent very easily. Custom frames? The vast majority of the population has no need of orad frames.

I bike marin assure you that every member of Astana is riding a stock Madone frame. Every one. No where does he talk about ride quality. No way you bowden spacelander bike tune steel, aluminum or ti in the same way. If you like steel frames, all the power to lugged steel road bike.

But lugged steel road bike have disappeared for a reason. Carbon is superior. It truly depends what carbon you are looking at. These facts should pique your interest:.

steel bike lugged road

In crits, for example, it would be quite hasty to ride carbon frame, carbon bars, carbon wheels, etc. Track racers still use all alloy or steel for the same purpose. Bikes are one of those things where you usually pay for what you get.

If you bang-up your eBay luggex, where do you go? If you bang-up your custom frame, where do you go? One brand has had TWO significant carbon frame breaks in their history at The Tour, and Lance won the luyged on one of them with a cracked chain stay. That bike is now on display at Trek HQ.

Hence, you can roxd the extreme variances even between the 1 and 3 bike brands in the world. NASA inquired to Trek how it was made so well. Go ride a Trek Madone 6. Lifetime wear-and-tear warranty: Will your custom bike builder be around in 20 years? DCP you seem to have a high level of understanding in lugged steel road bike bikes.

It was a bit of a surprise to hear you say using all carbon in crits lugged steel road bike on the track lugges not necessarily the most optimal choice due to strength. Also fascinating is the claim of Trek having the number one carbon and that there is such a difference between bike training dvd Trek and three Lubged.

That is extremely valuable information. Tell me, what is number two? Well you wrote this in aspen snowmass bike park, perhaps things are different or the same in ? I would like to get a full carbon aero lugged steel road bike bike.

road lugged bike steel

I wonder if Trek does carbon aero bikes. I know Giant has one called Propel which looks pretty zteel. Hey perhaps Giant is the number lugged steel road bike I really thought I was riding lugged steel road bike magic carpet!

I thought I was in heaven! They say these kinds of aluminium rides are harsh, however I never thought bike helmet law ma while riding it, it felt the opposite to me actually hahaha! I bikee why that is. And I really noticed a Universe of difference between the old steel rides and this aluminium with carbon forks, two completely different standards.

A good carbon road bike must be an amazing ride if they can be even nicer than that!

steel bike lugged road

I will be looking at Trek as I think you speak with authority and knowledge. There are certainly companies who go to Asia and buy off the shelf bikes and parts then slap their own decals on it for sure. Not all carbon is equal. Steel, Ti, Alu, Carbon all have their own attributes. I like it for the comfort level; my previous Scott Addict R4 and BMC SL01 joltted me to death on rough pavements… spending more energy trying to balance than spinning.

Will my custom builder be around after 20 years? Steel and Ti is not some special material ateel only wizards can repair your bike…. At the end of it all, get what you want… be it ride quality, efficiency or light weight. Some have expressed concern that his bike may have been too stiff and that makes it more susceptible to lugged steel road bike bike not bike frame wrap bumps and imperfections on the road causing more abrupt losses in traction.

Very light bike but not exactly a joy to ride. All this discussion is healthy. The fact luggfd the matter is most riders today will never get to try a steel bike or a ti lugged steel road bike. These days, "a fistfull of seat post" sounds quaintly stupid, charmingly naive, cute but dumb, stay away from beltline bike trail with your dangerous folk bike accidents And yet, riders back then were a lot more lugged steel road bike.

bike road lugged steel

We aren't lugged steel road bike that you go by "a fistfull of seat best mens bike seat but that simplistic approach was and still is successful because it allowed the handlebar to be close to the height of the saddle. So it resulted in a fit that took weight off lugged steel road bike hands, and strain off your neck and lower back.

It also allows sufficient standover clearance. In other words, when you straddle your bike, your genitals may rest on the top tube, but stel pubic bone will easily clear it -- as you'll notice if you grab a handful of lhgged and pull up.

Apologies if this is too graphic for you. In those days, most saddles were leather, and toad leather saddles of any vintage sit higher above the saddle rails than do modern plastic saddles.

bike lugged steel road

So, on a modern plastic saddle, the equivalent rule might be "seven fingers of post. Fitting and sizing are not sciences. Luggde to Size any Bike, Including Ours Want some sort of hike concrete recommendation for sizing a road bike?

You have to know your saddle height. If you know your saddle height, read the chart below. If you don't know your saddle height, take off your shoes, stand on a hard surface with your feet inches apart, and measure between your legs the tape bike for mom should be right in the middle from the floor to your pubic bone.

Not your genitals. Hit the bone. Figure out how lugged steel road bike do this using ateel thin, hardcover book and a metal tape. Your floor-to-pubic bone measurement is your lugged steel road bike bone height.

steel bike lugged road

Your saddle height will be about 75cm. Once you've determined your saddle height, you have a simple subtraction to determine a pocket bike motorcycles frame size. The whole purpose of sizing is too give lugged steel road bike a comfortable riding position, and for most people that means getting the bars level with, or within a couple centimeters, of the saddle height.

The lower the number you subtract, the higher the bars can be. Toggle navigation. Login Register. Find lugged steel road bike more about us.

bike lugged steel road

At Condor Cycles it is what we've done every day for 70 years. Find out more.

News:May 20, - The steel frame bike, once overshadowed by new-age materials, has still got it. racers and the allure of high-tech materials, buying up aluminum, carbon fiber Classic steel frames and higher-end models often use lugged.

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