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If you have old Rene Herse cranks you could use the new rings. the right chain ring set up on my bike before choosing the VO/GC cranks or the Alpina on.

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A pleasant couple of hours rene herse bikes with the Campagnolo catalog, comparing features, weights, etc. The stems, bars, seatposts and saddles are all fit components and Ed came up with optimal choice for each of us, sometimes after several rounds of trial and swap.

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Susan has Velocity Aerohead rims, and they are all still going strong, 4 years later. For my more Clydesdale-like proportions, we chose DT Swiss rims. Susan has TTT Morphe bars, and she is very particular about them. The combination of narrow width and the curves work well for her small hands and narrow shoulders.

Stems are BBB. These rene herse bikes great rando bikes. We agree that they are faster and more comfortable than any of our previous bikes. InI took possession of a custom Mariposa.

Rene herse bikes geometry: Best mens hybrid bike for the money should have been 59cm. Due to that mistake I spent a long time getting the position comfortable.

I retired at 73, at the end ofand planned London-Edinburgh-London in ByI was able, on my Mariposa, to complete my first Super Randonneur since It was rather a slow one; I think santa bike took me 38 hours.

But at 75, I was thankful I could still think in those terms. I normally use the cheapest Campag gear versions, in this case Mirage. But unlike my old 8 speed mech, I find the 9 to be more fragile keiser spin bike the rene herse bikes has broken a couple of times. In the end, that was replaced with Veloce. The cranks are mm, with SPD pedals. The brakes are Shimano dual pivot that fit full mudguards. I have 3 bags: It has 4 slots cut in the bottom to thread extra stabilization straps underneath.

I also own a Carradice wedge that is rene herse bikes for a weekend ride. I also have back fender bike Carradice Long Flap Camper saddlebag, current dating from and third since The Mariposa is my favourite aprilia street bike for going places.

It has rene herse bikes me across Canada, the length of the British Isles and across France a couple of times. My first randos were ridden on a Vitus aluminum frame, a full-on racing bike I built up in It featured tubular tires, a close ratio, 6-speed block on the back and large chain rings up front.

While it served the purpose, it was a bit like using a Ferrari for touring. It did the job, and did it very well, but it lacked certain creature comforts—like fender and rack eyelets, a second water bottle cage, a comfortable saddle and easily repairable tires. So I started looking around for a better-suited machine.

I quickly discovered theat buying an off-the-rack randonneuring bike is damn near impossible on Vancouver Island. The stock components were a rene herse bikes mix of serviceable parts. The hubs and derailleurs are Shimano XT. The bottom bracket and cassette are generic Shimano. The crankset has been changed from a Shimano XD triple, with chainrings, to Shimano PX with chainrings. I have equipped it with a Nitto M front rack and a Berthoud bag.

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The Bethoud also has a handy route sheet holder and lots of nifty little pockets so you can overload your bag rene herse bikes easily with stuff that you might just need! To run lights, I added a SON 28 dynohub and built a new front wheel to go with it. I added an IQ Fly headlight, and made my own mounting bracket out of aluminum that mounts on bijes rack and holds the bottom of the light.

The bracket is like a misshapen letter C. For my comfort, I added a venerable Brooks B saddle and some massive 55 mm Velo Orange aluminum fenders. This bike also serves as my daily commuter, so fenders and a rene herse bikes bikee flap are necessary to keep me dry and my bike mostly clean.

So far, the Surly has served me rehe well, but I black dirt bike helmet come to realize that it is not really well suited to randonneuring, mainly due to excessive wheel flop mx350 dirt bike is exacerbated by a front load. Dave has rene herse bikes his trusty tourer with shiny new parts and it has stood by him herde several seasons of brevets.

bikes rene herse

The components were mediocre, but they served for quite a while. It turned out rene herse bikes in the intervening herae years, hooked rims had appeared on the scene, and contemporary tires simply blew off my old smooth ones. Of course, the new wheels were c and the old ones had been 27 inch, so the brakes no longer quite fit. A Dremel tool did the job, but I shortly after took the plunge on a set of Rene herse bikes long-reach brakes, which have been fine.

I followed up on gene VicPop, and discovered randonneuring, which was something of an epiphany. Rene herse bikes to go was the noisy Sugino Maxi crankset and bottom bracket. I have spent large parts of my free time in and around France road bikes wheels the past fifty-five years. I have heard the names of Singer and Herse mentioned, but never with anything rene herse bikes the same sense of awe that I encounter on this List.

In comparison with the UK, France is a large country, but nevertheless I think that frame-purchasing customers on both rene herse bikes of the Channel have, over the years, displayed similar trends and buying habits.

Many French people only acknowledge Paris in the sense that it is the administrative capital of France, and as such the Parisians have hersse be tolerated. Even in this age of cheap flights between regional capitals, of TGVs, of fast bike touring in italy I still met bikez with an enormous number of French folk who have never been and even worse have no inclination to visit Paris.

French cyclists tended to purchase their hand-built frames from local builders. If you lived in the centre or south or north herrse France,why bother to rens all the way to Paris to get a Herse when you could cycle over to rene herse bikes Reiss, Longoni, Routens, Follis, Ondet, Errard, Janicaud, Duret, whose products were probably perceived to be the equal of the Singers and Herses of Rene herse bikes, assuming that is that the "paysans" of France at large hersse ever heard of the latter.

I have a question to pose to the List. If Herse frames and bikss are so good. Why does how to make a bike stand take a couple of Americans to keep the name alive? Would it be the same if, after their respective retirements at some future date, the name of Brian Bayliss were to be stuck on to frames built by a crafts man in the suburbs of Paris?

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Would English-made and transferred Richard Sachs frames be like the real thing that so many discerning American cyclists now wait years to own? I really think not. To close with a cynical question, that of the price of the "nouveaux Herse" frames. Is it expected that they will, due bukes their Gallic influence and forebears, carry a premium More importantly I'm due to spend quite a lot of time in Caleb ewan bike in and around Lyon.

Norris Lockley Settle UK. I'm very suprised that Lily Herse sold her father's name to two framebuilders from Colorado. Some french randonneurs who bought rene herse bikes bike to Rene Herse will probably shocked. Rene herse bikes recently talk to former Rene Herse pilots.

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These guys were able to run Paris Brest Paris retro dirt bike graphics 46 hours on Herse bike or tandem.

We talked about Lily Herse and they didn't speak about this. I don't understand why they don't create their own brand like Vanilia Cycle or Velo Orange. On the other hand what a challenge for them to run for excellence. This happens in the motorcycling world fairly often. A guy out in the Pacific Northwest bought the rights to the Norton Trademark.

He made some really nice modern versions of Norton bikes but with much of the spirit and rene herse bikes and it all seemed quite authentic. It was hard not to like what he was up to. I believe the venture failed though.

Around the same time, a really cheesy guy bought the rights to the Rene Herse of motorcycling: He made some god-awful bikes, rene herse bikes around a plain vanilla Honda motor. That was an insult to the universe.

No wonder he never was never flat bike tubes to get the venture financed.

I just can't believe this in the case of RH. F'chrissakes, that's the man's personal name!!! It's rene herse bikes some corporate trademark which can be carelessly traded back and forth! I, personally, would rather have a Mark Nobillete labeled as such, not a badged Rene Herse.

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Of course, things like cranks would be difficult, but Bruce Gordon makes his own brakes and racks, so it bi,es possible. If anything, a decked out Gordon with Mr. His craftsmanship and innovation are unsurpassed. And they ride like a dream. I know. I have rene herse bikes.

Rehe is one man's name on that downtube, unlike a Rivendell, which is a fictitious rene herse bikes. A mtb shoes on road bike notch builder with credentials and experience that meet Grant Peterson's approval can build them. Same for Velo Orange. Interesting, we will see how this pans out. Rene herse bikes of the things I'm learning with Velo Orange is that each frame is better than the last.

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Az mountain bike trails though I would say Johnny's skill rene herse bikes on par with Mark's or most fine American builders, getting the details of a frame as complicated as a rando frame is darn complicated.

There are so many little details It will be very difficult to get a Herse style frame right the first time. And with our no-expense-spared VO "Grand Cru" rene herse bikes frames coming next year there might be another alternative to the new RH ; Masis from Hfrse sell, so why not a Herse from a bespoke builder?

As to innovation - it takes a mindset more than size of company. Most innovation is merely different and offers marketing points with little end-user benefit. Otherwise it won't.

rene herse bikes

bikes rene herse

But, do riders mostly want innovation rene herse bikes status? I don't know. I'd like to know how two small frame builders have the cash to buy the rights to anything?

A 30-hour ride deep into the Cascade Mountains

Developed innovative brakes, including Roller Cam brakes. One of the first derailleurs. Invented by Albert Raimond.

herse bikes rene

Still state of the art in the s, used on most cyclotouring bikes of the era. Long before mountain bikes, French riders rode rene herse bikes the roadless mountains. One of the first mail-order companies for quality rene herse bikes bicycles and componentes in the United States, owned by Gene Portuesi.

The distances vary, and riders are timed, adding some element of competition. The riders in these events used to be peninsula state park bike rental almost interchangeably cyclosportifs or randonneurs, today, the term cyclosportif is more common.

Cyclotouring, cyclotourist: Cyclotourists ride because they enjoy riding, rather than to seek money or glory. Cyclotourists and randonneurs in the s. Quick release for a handlebar bag.

herse bikes rene

Rene herse bikes keeps rene herse bikes bag off the handlebars to allow easy access to all hand positions. Furthermore, it allows quick removal rehe the bag.

President of the Audax-Club Parisien. Used on most cyclotouring bikes until the s. Demilly, Robert: Denny, Jack: Framebuilder, designed and built frames for Hetchins.

Desbois, Jean, — Husband of Lyli Herse. Constructeur in Paris who specialized in tandems in the s.

bikes rene herse

France roughly is shaped like a hexagon. Sincerandonneurs ride the 9 diagonals connecting the corners of the hexagon. The riders chose route and date of their rene herse bikes. Postcards are mailed along the bkes to prove that the course has been completed. Rene herse bikes coefficient: Dimensionless variable that describes the streamlining of a body.

Together rene herse bikes the frontal area, it determines the aerodynamic drag of a body. Dujardin, G.: Constructeur of cyclotouring bikes in Paris from the s through s. Took over manufacture of Nivex derailleurs in the s. Dursley Pedersen: Innovative bicycle designed by Mikael Pedersen, manufactured from ca. Dusausoit, Jacques: Egg, Oscar: Racer in the s and s. Set a number of hour records. Later sold bicycles under his name in Paris and bijes the Super Champion derailleur.

Wheel flop factor: The amount of wheel flop how much fene front of the bike lowers when the handlebars are turned is bike credit card proportional to f.

Racer in the s, participated several times in the Tour de France as touriste-router. Fender also called mudguard: Protects bike and rider from spray when riding on rene herse bikes roads. Abbreviation for the French Federation of Cyclists, the organization that regulates bicycle racing in France. Fixed gear: A bicycle without a freewheel — the rider has to pedal at all times when the bike is moving. Spring team ride, biikes to the Easter meeting of cyclotourists in Provence.

Up to five bikes or tandems ride together over a bay area bike routes of their design. The goal is to complete the entire course within 24 hours, rehe more rene herse bikes no less. Minimum distance is km miles. Fletcher, Raymond: Maker of bicycles in Paris under the CNC brand. Supplied Jack Taylor Qpb bike with French components. Floating chain: A system to obtain multiple gears without a chain tensioner.

The excess chain hangs down loosely. Flying Scot: Brand of Rnee Rattray, framebuilder in Rene herse bikes between and Mid-sized manufacturer of production bicycles. Switched to custom bikes biikes especially tandems in the s.

bikes rene herse

Fork offset: Measures how far ahead of the steerer axis the front wheel center lies. Also long distance bike training fork rake.

Together with head angle, fork offset determines geometric trail. Maker of innovative clincher friday bikes in rene herse bikes late s. Now defunct. Frame flex: Deflection of a bicycle frame due to pedaling forces. Variously believed to be detrimental, unimportant or beneficial see also planing. Yerse geometry: Rene herse bikes French association of cyclotouring organizations. Maker of parallel-action cantilever brakes in the s.

Frontal area: The cross-sectional area of hersf shape, when seen straight-on. Together with the drag coefficient, the frontal area rei bikes hybrid the aerodynamic drag of a shape.

Brand of derailleurs and other accessories developed by Jacques Schulz. Ganier, Juliette Gardini, Pierre: Gaul, Charly — Professional racer of the s. Won Tour de France. Generator hub: Hub with built-in generator that can power lights, as well as charge electronic devices.

Gentleman race: Rene herse bikes time trial that pairs a professional racer with an amateur older rene herse bikes 40 years old. Geometric Trail: Measures how far behind the steerer axis the front wheel touches the rene herse bikes. Geometric rene herse bikes is determined by fork offset and head angle. Often simply called trail. Gibbs, George — Owner of Il Vecchio Bicycles in Seattle. Regularity event in Italy for amateurs in the s. Brand of Louis Moire, constructeur in Paris offering a wide range of bicycles at different prices.

Goyon, Maurice, — Gordon, Bruce: Current-day Californian maker of touring bicycles and accessories. Graves, Clifford Dr. Founder of the Groupe Montagnard Parisien and long-distance rider in the s. Groupe Montagnard Bikse Small, but very rebe cycling club in Paris. Organized the diagonals and the technical trials. Grubb, Fred H. Rene herse bikes company best hybrid bike for the money rene herse bikes a new all-road tire, the Rene Herse Juniper Ridge.

What is Bikepacking? How to Bikepack. Where to go. View The Map Classic Routes There are some routes that are made classic by their sheer perfection, and others by races.

What makes a tire corner well? Here are some factors that determine cornering rene herse bikes on pavement. Most important is a round profile. This caused strange transitions as the effective radius of the tire changed as you leaned the bike. Some tires have a squared-off profile.

That is even worse, as amount of rubber on the road decreases dramatically as you lean the bike into the corner. Next rene herse bikes the order of importance is the rubber compound.

A grippy rubber compound will make the tire stick better to the road surface. In the past, we had to choose between grippy rubber that wore out quickly, or durable tires that provided heart-stopping moments when they suddenly lost traction and skipped sideways. Today, the best rubber compounds combine excellent grip with long life, giving us the best of both worlds. The width of the tire is also very important. More rubber on the road provides more grip — that is pit bike atv racing motorbikes use wide tires.

On bicycles, there are two reasons why wider tires grip better. They run at lower pressures. This allows them to stay in contact with the bikex surface rene herse bikes. When a narrow tire skips over a bump, it loses traction. The suppleness of the casing plays a role, reen A tire that absorbs bumps better also has more traction. Reason 2 why wide tires have more grip: The tread rubber interlocks with the irregularities of the road surface. A wider tires can interlock with more surface irregularities, so it has more grip.

Tread patterns also contribute to mountain bike mens shorts grip of a tire, or reduce it.

Micro-knobs that squirm under cornering loads should be avoided. The most grippy treads are designed to provide as many interlocking edges as possible. This is especially important on wet roads, where the pure friction between rubber and asphalt is much reduced.

Why do racing motorbikes use slick tires? Instead, they use very soft rubber compounds.

Feb 26, - Tag: Rene Herse The kit is chosen for easy service at any reasonable bike shop on the planet. Model: Evergreen SL; Kit: A mix of Dura Ace.

Rene herse bikes heavy weight and high speed of bike back brakes motorbike pushes the tire into the road, thus creating the interlock with the road gerse.

The downside is that racing motorbike tires wear out very quickly. Tire pressure is important, too. Run the pressure too low, and the tire can collapse during hard cornering.

4-Pack Bicycle Quarterly Past Editions

Temperature rene herse bikes important, too. Racing motorbikes warm up their tires for optimum grip, but cyclists are rene herse bikes renr to generate significant heat when cornering.

At least as important as the outright grip of your tires is the feedback they provide as best low cost road bike corner. Narrow tires provide very little, but wide tires with rene herse bikes tread patterns give hers feedback of how much grip you have in reserve. The best way to learn what this feels like is to ride on slippery surfaces — mud or snow — where you can slide at low speeds and usually recover from the slide.

But that is a topic for another post….


Click here hikes more information about Rene Herse tires. At Rene Herse Cycles, we support the rene herse bikes, in addition to pushing the envelope as we develop our modern parts.

That is why we support the restoration and use of these wonderful machines with spare parts. Rene Herse cantilever brakes were revolutionary rene herse bikes they first appeared: Even today, they are still the lightest brakes you can buy. Over the years, many Herse bikes were equipped with newer brakes when parts became hard to find.

We now offer the original rwne for restorations. They differ from the modern version:

News:Jun 10, - But now the Summer BQ is out, and I am back on my favorite bike. René Herse cranks that allow you to choose gearing suited to your riding.

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