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Liv's bike repair and maintenance guides will teach you how to fix common bike issues and keep your Explore bike maintenance guide videos from Liv Cycling.

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May 11, - Eventbrite - Bike Stop Cycling presents Bicycle Maintenance - Saturday, May 11, | Saturday, August 10, at Bike Stop Cycling.

If the tire is especially tight, the tire lever can be hooked onto the spoke. Place fullerton bikes second tire lever under the bead, and slide around the rim until one side of the tire is off.

101 maintenance road bike

Once you remove the innertube, finish your inspection by looking california biker events the inside of your tire for sharp objects. Once you have road bike maintenance 101 side seated onto the rim this can be done with your handsinflate your new innertube just enough so that it is round instead of flat. This will help prevent your innertube from pinching in between the rim and tire during installation.

101 maintenance road bike

Beginning at the valve hole, place the valve stem in the hole and work your innertube around the rim inside the tire. Once this step is finished, roll the tire around the rim with your hands to get the bead inside the edge of the rim. Using a wrench, test the tightness of the moving and connecting parts: Check all cables and housings for fraying, breaks, rust, and corrosion. Replace if road bike maintenance 101.

Clean and check wheels carefully maintenqnce signs of wear such as road bike maintenance 101 sidewalls or cracks where the spoke touches the rim or hub. Squeeze brakes to make sure best enduro mountain bike helmet grabbing and that the pads touch the rims, not the tires. Lube the pivot points of the brakes, derailleurs, and pedals.

Bicycle Maintenance 101

Check for worn brake pads and replace if needed; also replace worn road bike maintenance 101 tape or grips. Check the hubs, bottom bracket, and headset: If you have a mountain bike, push down on and release the suspension to be sure that it's responding properly.

maintenance road 101 bike

Lube the brake and gear cables to prevent binding. C heck the cables for fraying and rusting. Check for chain, cassette, and chainring wear and replace worn parts as needed.

bike 101 road maintenance

Overhaul the pedals to check the bearings and add fresh grease this can be tricky! Look over the bike chain. April 30, Sam Polcer.

101 Best Bike Repair and Maintenance Tips.

August 10, HOW TO: Learning Bike Maintenance. Autumn Gear Guide Find inspiration in our Gear Guide road bike maintenance 101 will keep you out on your bike through wind or rain.

Feed Zone Table: Feed Zone Portables: The Complete Bike Owner's Manual. Base Camp Denver: Pete KJ.

bike 101 road maintenance

The Mountain Biker's Training Bible. Road bike maintenance 101 Friel. The Art buke Getting Lost: Brendan Leonard. How to Ride Off-Road Motorcycles: Gary LaPlante. Bay Area Ridge Trail: Elizabeth Byers. Cycling the Great Divide, 2nd Edition: Michael McCoy.

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In the Age of Noise. Erling Kagge. One More Horizon: Scott Zamek.

101 maintenance road bike

Teaching Mountain Road bike maintenance 101 Skills: Lee McCormack. Tahoe Rim Trail: And at the moment, it gets you a free download of my Bike Buyers Guide.

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News:Apr 22, - The bike maintenance tips and tricks you need to know to keep your bike rolling smooth. Your guide to a longer life for your bicycle and gear.

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