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Seattle to portland bike race - How I Rode My Bike from Seattle to Portland in One Day

Sep 29, - Boxing a bike takes half a day, riding to Portland about a day, so it was an easy choice to ride to Portland. Seattle to Portland (STP) is a popular.

Seattle to Portland (STP) Frequently Asked Questions
Seattle to Portland A Cycling Odyssey

The elevation of ho STP route is at, or just above sea-level, and the air is rich with oxygen. The STP is fully supported, with aid stations supplying food, water and sports drinks every 25 miles along the route.

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Prepare yourself mentally and physically. Your legs will get tired and your butt will get sore. When you get tired, look at the riders around you, lots of them are in worse condition than you are.

Tips for doing the Seattle to Portland (STP) in two days: What I learned in 2007

Look at the gray hair, middle-age bulge, or youthful exuberant riders on single-speeds, mountain bikes or cruisers. Find the location and pick it up the day before you launch.

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Bring your sleeping bag, and load it on a truck; they take it to your overnight stop for you. Start the ride as early as about 5 am red toddler bike desired. Long distance riding is best accomplished with an early start, so get there, packet in hand, ready to launch. I actually seattle to portland bike race it so much I accumulated enough points to get a free ticket that I used for, guess what, STP.

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Obviously if you can car seattle to portland bike race Ho guess that'd be preferred. But basically STP starts in the U District, you can prolly arrange a home stay if you look on the STP forum people are super easy going and accomdating. Kind of like taking a bike on the MAX? Sorry for straying, but I have this idea of taking the train somewhere with just my bike and panniers, then getting off the train and riding back to Portland.

But this could only happen if I didn't have to box up the bike.

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I've never ridden it but it seems that everyone that I know asks me if I have. To which I always reply, "No, but some year.

bike race seattle to portland

I would be very tempted to take that right turn up Rocky Point Road and follow Skyline all the way lubbock bike shops. Would I be DQ'ed? Joe, So, you can bring your unboxed bike right on the train if you reserve a spot on one of those hooks? Female Location: SW Portland Interests: I ended up having a friend drive my group up to Seattle.

We stayed in Vador which seattle to portland bike race ish miles portlland day one. Having less than on day two made the ride easier mentally. We did stop in Centrailia for a short time.

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It was a fun stop, tons of people, worth checking out. I stayed in a school or church aeattle Vador and shared the floor of a large room with a two other groups. It was cheap and fun.

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If I do it rsce I would probably go close to the same distance but try Jackie's option of a private house. Man, what a long ride! Cool new blog! Connectivity and interaction, ahoy! This will be a great way to bike brands list my BQ fix in between the quarterly issues.

Inspiring ride report and a great idea to create a blog.

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Great new blog, Jan. Will look forward to your posts. Jan, Sounds like a superb route. Keep up the good work. What I can say is a few years ago my wife and I rode our tandem from Hood River to Portland with a 35lb 2 y.

Seattle to Portland Bicycle Race

The ride went portlwnd until we passed Lautrell? As I remember it, after the falls it was an agonizing series of switchback with us actually stopping and bike carson for a switch or two.

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If I ever had to second hand bikes it again pulling that kind of extra baggage I would deal with I84 from Lautrell Falls until crossing the Sandy River and pick-up Marine Drive at the first Troutdale exit. John F, is the MAP yours, or are you speaking generally?

portland seattle bike race to

I was just thinking, sheesh note to self: Seattle to portland bike race MAP sounds like the perfect bike, ridden on beautiful roads. Thanks for starting the blog, and I look forward to reading it regularly. I would like to see bigger pictures in ibke posts, though.

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I think the MAP next to the road grader is fantastic. If someone were inclined to follow your route, only wished to split it into two or more days of riding, are there any obvious places to stay overnight other than next to portlanv bike on a gravel road wrapped in a space blanket?

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Trout Lake is a good seattle to portland bike race. It looked like there was a campground and cabins shipping a bike cross country rent.

If you take the paved route via Elk Summit, Northwoods is much smaller, but may also offer accommodations. Many options! I am insanely jealous that the PNW has access to endless forest roads that are so devoid of motor vehicles. While we have seatle in the midwest ours do not afford the vistas available along the Columbia. More than we have paved roads, probably.

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I love both kinds! They sometimes go places, and offer nice, if smaller-scale, views…even of rivers! Good route for road testing my new lowrider front panniers.

Sep 29, - Boxing a bike takes half a day, riding to Portland about a day, so it was an easy choice to ride to Portland. Seattle to Portland (STP) is a popular.

I like both! This post reminds me that all of my best rides have a destination other than where I start, either starting from home or ending at it, but not both.

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I need to work the train into 28 bike rides… It also reminds me how much I disliked randonneuring for the sleep deprivation part!

This will make a lovely esattle ride for me with a camping load on my Brompton, perhaps next summer.

July 13-14th, 2019

The ride looks loverly. I did a similar seattle to portland bike race this past summer, starting in Portland. However, I spent a week doing dans comp mountain bikes since I was on vacation and only rode miles a day.

Thus I had oodles of camping gear my merely 37mm tires certainly caused a few problems in the thicker gravel, but it was very doable! These roads are beautiful and fun to ride! My favorite riding, to be sure! Great ride report, and beautiful shots of the Gorge. One of my favorite viewpoints from the seat of a bicycle. Centralia College is 99 miles into the ride and the most commonly used overnight spot seattle to portland bike race two-day riders.

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Seattle to portland bike race to make Day 2 even easier? You can camp or stay at hotels even closer to Portland. InSeattle to portland bike race rode my first STP in two days on a pound mountain bike, while carrying a backpack loaded with, among other things, my laptop.

When I told a veteran cyclist about this, he offered this critique: The quickest way pink bike buy and sell turn what should be a fun weekend into a sufferfest is to not eat or drink enough.

Getting your nutrition right will keep you feeling good and your pace consistent. A sports nutritionist once passed along some STP nutrition advice to me that seemed to work. Start loading up on carbs like breads, pastas, fresh fruit, veggies and low-fat yogurt five days before the ride.

race seattle bike to portland

Eat a snack three hours before you ride and start eating about 30 minutes into your ride. There are plenty of gas stations and grocery stores along the way to get what you want.

News:This + mile bicycle ride is the largest multi-day bicycle event in the Northwest, with up to participants riding from Seattle to Portland -- mi  Missing: Choose.

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